GUYS, GUYS, Kesha’s lawsuit is BACK ON.

If you havn’t been following the latest news on Kesha, she dropped her lawsuit against Dr. Luke earlier this month because the judge kept on dissmissing her accusations. She wanted to focus more on her new tour and the stress she was getting from this was all too unhealthy.

NOW some new information turned up - The judge who kept throwing out her case is actually married to a Sony lawyer. This probably had made her biased towards Kesha, seeing as she is fighting against one of the biggest names in Sony ever.

Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, this gives Kesha a new edge to her case and this might be all she needs to get out of her label and get a fresh start.


Wham Bam

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by Quirkyasfok

Steve is not prepared for the scene he comes across in Tony’s workshop.

Inspired by the song: Gold Trans Am By: Kesha

Words: 820, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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In court Kesha argued that if she were to remain in her contract, Sony and Dr Luke would likely refuse to promote her and instead let her flop. The judge dismissed it saying that “a business wouldn’t willingly make itself lose money,” but look! They cancelled her comeback single from being sent to radio (which almost NEVER happens to pop singles, nevermind one which went top 10 on iTunes with no promo!) and then they cancel her Billboard Music Awards performance, where she was going to premiere a new song. 

 This is ugly, they’re literally forcing her to flop now.