I meant to post something about her few days earlier. I just haven’t got to it. So, can I say how proud I am of kesha? After she went out of rehab she change some stuff about her. Good stuff about her. She didn’t change for anyone except for herself. And when she got out of rehab. She didn’t look back. She could been like “ahh! My life sucks! I hate my life. I have anxiety and I had a eating disorder” but she didn’t. Shes moving on with her live. That’s why I love her. That was im a fan of hers. People are like “All she sings about is drinking, party, and having sex!” and “She looks so trashy!” and “She cant sing because she uses auto tune!” okay. There are some song about hate and romance. And besides, I get inspired by her music and how I get inspired is too have fun and be Myself. I think she is so pretty! So what if she throws glitter on her and looks wasted. At least, she’s not afraid to dress whatever she wants too. And so what if she uses auto tune? That doesn’t mean she has a voice! I have herd her voice with out auto tune. Its sounds great! So can you just hush up? Thank you! Shes human. she has feelings. But I am so proud of her! For getting help! Change some stuff to make her self better! And moving on with life! 👏👏👏 #soproud #kesha #animal #keshafan #insprational

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