kesha picture

an account of last night, as told to someone else who asked about it:

Uh, let’s see. It was really packed, so I ended up on the right side of the stage, near the stairs. After the opening act got off stage, the cops and her security team started acting like she was going to come out past us, even told us we should, “have our cameras ready”, and that as long as we didn’t try to shove the line forward any, they wouldn’t block our shots. And then she came out on stage through another door, lmfao.

She opens with Woman. Most of it is the Rainbow album, of course, but she does the old hits and favorites, too. I think out of Rainbow, the only songs she didn’t do for us was Boots, Old Flames, and Finding You. Everything else was performed.

When she first came out, she was wearing that light blue pants suit with the spaceship and rainbow patches on the back, plus a silk magenta shirt. Then she disappeared and came back out in this short, flowy white dress. For the encore it was Rainbow, and she came out in a long, flowy white dress that sparkled. And after that song, she took it off and revealed she was wearing a glittery bodysuit with a top and shorts. **Oh, her hair was in braids the whole night, like pigtail braids. It was cute.

OH, HER MOM CAME OUT AND PERFORMED GODZILLA WITH HER. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Also her brother was there filming; we bumped into one another a few times, since like I said, I was right in front of the stairs to the stage.

At one point a group of fans had the rainbow flag, and she took it from them and tied it around her neck/performed the rest of the show with it, and said she was going to hang it up in her tour bus.

Anddddd the closing song was Bastards.