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——phone contacts !

Cheryl’s Phone -

NAME: Richy !
RINGTONE: the same as she has it for everyone - the sound of rain.
PICTURE: she doesn’t have any pictures set in her phone, except ashley, who set his own picture. so the default phone picture.
LAST TEXT RECEIVED: ‘ well, butter me up and call me a biscuit, is little miss cheryl asking me on a date? ‘
LAST TEXT SENT: ‘ oh, um, nevermind. ashley actually *is* inviting me to the cabin, and we are leaving… well, i have to pack and go. i’ll message you if there is cell service at the cabin! a rain check on that.. um, dinner? ‘

Shelly’s Phone -

NAME: Attractive !
RINGTONE: the same as she has it for everyone - some kesha song
PICTURE: it’s probably something really cute that adventure would only let shelly take. or him shirtless. either or.
LAST TEXT RECEIVED: ‘ hey, angel, you wanna come over tonight? you can model for me some more, and i’ll make sure i have my camera, if you know what i mean. ‘ then a wink. 
LAST TEXT SENT: ‘ oh my god, like, totally! what time should i come over? ‘

There aren’t many celebrities with freckles (or at least celebrities who don’t cover their freckles) and I remember when I was younger I saw a picture of Kesha (who has freckles) without makeup and I was so happy to see a famous person who had freckles like me, but then I looked at the comments and they were almost all saying how dirty her freckles made her face look and how ugly she is, and it really just stuck with me. I’ve never liked my freckles, but after that I really started hating them and feeling like I was ugly unless I covered them. And it’s been years but I haven’t been able to get those comments out of my head.