hi there! i’m taya (she/her), i’m 14, and my favourite bands/artists are fall out boy, panic! at the disco, my chemical romance, twenty one pilots, lana del rey, owl city, kesha, carly rae jepsen, etc. (this list could literally go on for ages). i like to make/listen to music, read, and write. nice to meet you all!

yesterday I tagged a post about Kesha with “the only straight ally that matters”. today i found out that Kesha’s actually bi. a) I’m happy for her, i knew she was too hot to be straight b) this proves aren’t any good straight people in the entire world 


So, one of my followers (I think it was hellacopt3r) tagged me to post my top 6 albums. I never got around to it since asking me to pick my six favourite albums is torture, but here they are. 

1. Nick Cave - No More Shall We Part 

2. Nightwish - Imaginaerum 

3. Taylor Swift - 1989 

4. Melanie C - The Sea 

5. Kesha - Warrior 

6. Juli - Ein Neuer Tag