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question: how do you feel about fem adaar and cassandra being super gay and cute together? honestly it's my favorite ship even if the game wont let me have it ;3;

*slams fists on the table* MY KIND OF CONTENT, HAVE MY OT3

Kesha fans,

While most Kelly Clarkson fans are sympathetic to your cause and Kelly herself has no love for Dr. Luke, there has been a lot of misinformation going around.

Kelly disputes the quoted Clive Davis account of what happened between her and Luke. KC did not hate “Since U Been Gone” or “Behind These Hazel Eyes” in their final forms. She resented the fact that Clive tried to downplay her involvement in getting them on her record as evidence that she doesn’t know how to make “hits.” She did, however, not like working with Dr. Luke because she viewed him as formulaic and felt misled by the fact that she had been promised a chance to write with him and Max (while in reality the song SUBG was already written).

Secondly, Kelly was in fact pretty much forced to work with Luke on the song “My Life Would Suck Without You.” She called how the label asked her to work with certain producers on the album All I Ever Wanted “blackmail.” I find this more compelling evidence of Luke/label shadiness than the currently circulated story anyway.

Finally, prior to reuniting for “Suck,” Dr. Luke had been mocking KC on Internet forums around the time her third album, My December, was released because she didn’t want to work with him. So there is no love lost between them, and you can point to some of that as evidence of Dr. Luke being a douche. But again, what is going around on Twitter is not true, as Kelly herself just tweeted, and it irks some people to see Clive Davis’s self-serving lies being spread. I don’t view Kelly’s tweet as a “defense of Dr. Luke” so much as a “defense of Kelly Clarkson.”

so last night Kesha played a secret show in LA as “yeast infection” and it was the most incredible show I’ve ever seen. Kesha is a goddamn miracle and we are blessed to have her on this earth

Y’all remember that one year and a half in pop music when Rihanna, Gaga, Katy, Adele, Kesha, Nicki, Britney, and Beyonce were all putting out new music and it was like the new golden era of pop and every new single that came out snatched us bald and left us like this - 

none of us appreciated that moment! none of us were grateful for those eras as they were happening. The visuals, the beats, the tour designs, the looks, the collabs. We didn’t appreciate any of that! We expected our faves to keep slaying and look at what happened! All of our faves flopped. Rihanna went on some long ass hiatus and gave us ANTi which flopped with like 420 albums sold, Gaga flopped with ARTPOP so hard she had to stop being a pop star and go sing jazz so she could make some coin to pay her mortgage, Katy did alright with PRISM but the era lasted like two minutes and was an duplicate repeat of Teenage Dream, Kesha’s record label locked her away in a mental hospital and now it’s illegal for her to sing anything, Nicki can’t get a number 1 album to save her life, Britney retired and went off to Vegas, Beyonce’s the only one who gave us something new. 

Look at where we are now! Lana puts out the same record every two weeks and her eras last a month before she’s on to the next album, Halsey is Lana repackaged to fit Tumblr, Meghan Trainor whatever the fuck she’s doing, Ariana can’t enunciate her words but is still trying to be Mariah….pop is so desperate we’re even trying to make Selena Gomez a thing and make her into a sex icon. We’re that desperate! This is our legacy! :( I wish we could go back to 2010 only so I could savor that pop moment and fully appreciate it. We’re never going to have a pop moment like that that belongs to our generation and it sucks. 

*extremely exasperated sigh* why the hell does Kelly have to be attacked by Kesha fans for letting them know that what they’re tweeting is just lies (re: Max Martin and Dr. Luke)? It doesn’t mean she doesn’t support Kesha. It doesn’t mean she thinks rape or any kind of abuse is ok. Her tweet was directed towards the bs claims that Clive was spewing in his book. Please don’t use this as a measure of character on her part.


kesha is so god damn amazing

my mom thought i was sleeping so she was like i wish AUSTIN would WAKE UP and HELP me with the GROCERIES so i was like…. hi…………. my real mother kesha would never treat me like this

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the law suit she won wasn't the one to break the contract, it was something involving Kesha's mother being sued for defamation. it is still good, however it isn't the win most people think it is. she's still trapped in that shit contract. that court case isn't until February 19th. sources - www[.]music-news[.]com/news/UK/94926/Kesha-s-day-in-court-postponed-due-to-weather and www[.]businessinsider[.]com/kesha-wins-legal-battle-over-dr-luke-2016-2

That’s what I get for not fact checking. :/ thanks for the heads up!

I think this is the 3rd day in a row……that while I’m reading through my TL…..that I come across a celeb telling people how messed up the media is…..So far Blake Shelton, Selena,  Angelina Jolie Pitt has been on twitter calling those low life’s out………from the lips of…………………

Kelly Clarkson ‏@kelly_clarkson

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I don’t know where this info came from but yeah this never happened ha! Why people just make shit up is amazing 2 me

Kelly Clarkson Retweeted Kesha Rose

Working with Dr. Luke brought @kelly_clarkson to tears. She isn’t forced to work with him like Kesha.


Kesha needs all of the good vibes, prayers and help she can get this Tuesday the 26th. If you don’t already know here’s a link to read about what she’s been going through. Here’s how you can help her out. Spread this video everywhere you can whether it’s on tumblr, facebook, twitter, anywhere. And if you’re in New York City, join other fans and protest outside 60 Centre street Courthouse Part 54, NYC at 9am. Kesha needs us. #FreeKesha

Kesha's fight for freedom is not over. Only the case against her mom and manager were dropped. Her date in court is February 19, that is the day that will decide her career's fate. Please stop spreading posts that claim she won her case. Keep showing support for Kesha. #FreedomForKesha