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i see your buff transboy keith and raise you transgirl kesha (imagine) (the havoc) (she and allura would wreck) (bless them)

i’m not sure where kesha comes into it but I’m sure they would indeed destroy many hearts and opponents alike lmao

(I think this was a typo I’m just goofing a bit aayyy)


Kesha sat down for an in-depth interview about her “devastating” year and returning to her roots – and it was actually super sweet

Before the 29-year-old took the stage, the interviewer asks Kesha how the past couple months have been for her, obviously hinting at her ongoing lawsuit against her former producer. Immediately, she starts choking up, saying how “devastating” it is to have something (her music) taken away from her.

Gifs: Vice


People: Taylor Swift should say something about this

Taylor Swift *speaks up about that topic*

People: No not like that #fake


Burn The Clock

TiK ToK by Kesha vs. Burn It Down by Linkin Park.