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A few underrated LGBT anthems

The Signs As My Chemical Romance Songs

Aries: Na Na Na (Danger Days)
Taurus: Planetary (Go!) (Danger Days)
Gemini: I’m Not Okay (I Promise) (Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge)
Cancer: I Don’t Love You (The Black Parade)
Leo: Mama (The Black Parade)
Virgo: Welcome To The Black Parade (The Black Parade)
Scorpio: Mama (The Black Parade)
Libra: The Kids From Yesterday (Danger Days)
Sagittarius: Thank You For The Venom (Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge)
Capricorn: Famous Last Words (The Black Parade)
Aquarius: Helena (So Long and Goodnight) (Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge)
Pisces: The Ghost Of You (Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge)

Title: How I Banged Your Brother 2/?
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Rick Sanchez/Stanley Pines, Rick Sanchez/Stanford Pines.
Notes:  I managed an update in under a week. That that probably won’t ever happen again because it nearly killed me. Not enough Kesha in the world to get me through that. Anyways, the story kicks into gear next chapter so enjoy all this filler while I wonder what possessed me to write a multi-chapter fic.

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With all the trips the three of them had been on, the trip to Oregon was the most normal, which is why it was the strangest. For the entirety of the driver, Rick kept his eyes on the road and didn’t make much in the way of small talk, other than once to turn up the radio because it was his jam. Summer was busy in the back, occasionally muttering about something her friends sent her or something. No one was paying much attention to each other throughout the ride, especially Morty, who had been cautiously watching the outside world pass them by only to relax when they finally arrived in town.

Looking out the window at all the people in the quiet little town just watching them fly by, it dawned on him that there was nothing weird about the place. It was just some small town in Oregon where Rick was going. When he spotted the lazer tag place, Morty lifted his head to look back at Summer in excitement, but she was still wrapped up in her phone. So instead, he turned his attention to Rick.

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kesha risked her career for us.  She may never be free to create her art anymore because she stood up for the truth, for her truth.  And because of that, she gave a voice to survivors.  She did it for herself, and I’m so proud of her.  But now we benefit, too.  I get the knowledge that someone as successful and wonderful as kesha has been through it too, it wasn’t a lie, she’s strong and wonderful and I can be that way, too.  

kesha rocks my world, and what she’s sacrificed for the sake of survivors will not easily be forgotten, not on my mother fucking watch.  

#freekesha #savekesha 

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upbeat/fun iwaoi for the soul

shiver shiver - walk the moon// sloppy seconds - watsky// new romance - taylor swift// prom song (gone wrong) - lana del rey// in the next room - neon trees// we sink - chvrches// i can’t decide - scissor sisters// only wanna dance with you - kesha// everything i ask for - the maine// what i like - charli xcx// kissin u//\- miranda cosgrove// die tonight - charli xcx// woo hoo - kesha// till the world ends - britney spears//