kesha vma

an alternate universe where carly rae jepsen just won her 5th vma of the night, bringing her record-breaking E•MO•TION era to a successful end. mariah carey hosted the event, champagne flute in hand. kesha won video of the year for “gone for good” the universally popular dr. luke callout track she worked on with world-renowned dj & producer paris hilton. britney spears opened the show with “blinded by the light,” the uptempo club hit off her 11th studio album “diamond heart” that has been dominating the charts this summer. with the performance’s intense choreography, critics and fans hailed it as britney’s best since last year’s vmas when she landed a triple back handspring during “only you,” the anthemic chart-topper she collaborated on with her husband of 5 years, justin timberlake. also in attendance was rihanna with her four genetically flawless children.

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kesha you are killllingggggg it omg

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