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Seriously though when Zedd and Kesha’s song True Colors drops tomorrow please buy it when you can. The profits will benefit someone who’s struggled with assault and abuse and who’s voice was silenced when she tried to speak up. Who was dismissed her rights even when she said she spoke the truth. Who was told to lie about her assault case in order to gain her freedom. In this situation , Kesha needs all the support she can get and the easiest way to do that is by spending the 1.29 for the song. Illegally downloading doesn’t do shit.

"Quick, kiss me." "Wait you want me to do what?"

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Request/Ask: 1 and 10 with Steve x reader for the prompts, and (can I give you a plot?) she sees her ex at a Stark party and her Steve are strangers but she dgaf and her ex is idk like attached and she wanted

him to know that she was over

  1. “Quick, kiss me!”

  2. “Wait you want me to do what?”

Pairings: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

 Word Count : 344

A/N: Ughhhh………… Life sucks. Everything sucks = Mood

I’m trying super hard to like not reflect my mood onto this request, but I’m definitely writing angst after this. Angst + The Hunger Games/Iron Man 3 = A less aggravated Stephanie

I scanned the room and released a little groan. Jake, (Or whatever you want the ex’s name to be) my ex, was making his way toward me. I squeezed through people and made my way over to one of the couches. Checking over my shoulder I realized Jake was still following me. I sighed, aggravated, and walked somewhere else. This continued for quite a while before I finally decided on heading over to the bar, after I was sure I’d lost Jake.

“Hey is everything alright? I saw you running around for the past hour.”

I looked over at the man besides me and my heart skipped a beat. He was gorgeous. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, and perfect features. My eyes locked with his and I gave him a small smile.

“Hey. Yea I’m fine. I was just running from my ex boyfriend.”

The man raised an eyebrow at me in question, “Running from your ex boyfriend?”

I shrugged, “Yep. He’s super clingy. Doesn’t really know how to let go.”

The man laughed and held out his hand, “I’m Steve.”

I extended my hand to meet his, “I’m-”

“Y/N! Is that you?”

I widened my eyes in surprised. I could hear Jake approaching. I had to think fast.

“Quick, kiss me.”

Steve stared at me in surprise, “Wait, you want me to do what?”

I sighed and pressed my lips to Steve’s cupping his face as Jake’s approaching footsteps stopped. I heard Jake huff and then his retreating footsteps. I pulled away from Steve smirking, “It worked.”

He looked at me still stunned, “You just kissed me…”

I chuckled, “Yes.”


I shrugged, “Well for starters you are extremely attractive.”

He smirked, “So you just kiss randomly attractive strangers?”

I grinned, “No. But I made an exception for you. I mean I could always make one again?”

He sighed dramatically, “Would you really make not one but TWO exceptions in the same day?”

I smirked, leaning closer to him so our lips were only an inch apart, “I guess you’re just special.”

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