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You're fucking stupid if you think Kesha is better than iggy azalea

  • Kesha writes all her own music and the music of other artists without the help of T.I.
  • Kesha doesn’t do blackface with her voice and raps with her actual accent
  • Kesha’s debut album went number one and The New Classic didn’t
  • Animal’s first week sales = 150k
  • The New Classic’s first week sales = 50k
  • Kesha can get hit songs on her own without the help of features
  • Kesha’s had 12 top 10 hit songs
  • Kesha’s had 4 #1 hit songs
  • TiK ToK is one of the highest selling digital songs of all time
  • 2010’s hot 100 artist of the year

seems to me like you’re the fucking stupid one here

  • Lover
  • Kesha
  • Lover - Single

Spookey Ruben, producer of the recently cyber released Kesha track Lover has yet again surprised us with this new and improved version of the song. It’s shorter (3:33 as opposed to the original’s 5:05) and seems to be overall mastered (listen to the original here). There’s no sign as to if this will have an official release, but on the producer’s bandcamp account it states the song will be available for download Febuary of 2015. Maybe next will be the year of Kesha Rose? There’s no way of knowing just yet, but in the meantime feel free to enjoy the new updated track here, on his bandcamp (previously linked) or feel free to check out the lyric video made by the producer!