kesha sebert

I can’t believe we live in a society where men who beat women have thriving careers, men who yell at interviewers disrespectfully, storm out of rooms, yell, throw things, and verbally abuse women continue to find success. But when a woman, who has been trapped in an unbearable situation, reaches out for help and tries to tell her story.. She gets completely shut down. I’m so sorry, Kesha. You don’t deserve this. You don’t deserve to be stifled creatively and you don’t deserve to be forced to work with someone who sexually assaulted you. This is so disgusting. 

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: it boggles my mind how people aren't addressing the fact that Kesha was raped and abused by her producer for 10 years because society has labeled her as a drunk party girl based on the songs she created. why don't people take the time to learn that she is a near-genius with an IQ of 140 and judging her for the image she created is ignorant as fuck?? Kesha has spoken out about important issues like women's rights and support for LGBTQ. regardless, even if she was just a drunk party girl she still doesn't deserve to be treated like shit?? she's a human being and deserves respect?? when are people going to put blame where it's due and stop allowing this shit to happen?????

My mom taught me to love everyone and everything. She taught me, not only are we all equal, but we’re no different from any other animal, so we should all love all living things. Those kind of beliefs didn’t always help me to fit in, I often felt like a misfit. So then I often gravitated towards other social outsiders, many of them in the LGBT community - though back then we didn’t know what LGBT meant. We just knew we got bullied for being ourselves… Shamed for being “different” and encouraged to hide the things that made us unique. Music was my outlet, I started writing songs and recording my own songs. Songs about everyone celebrating themselves and trying to find a rock & roll paradise. I really wanted to give other people confidence to be themselves and I wanted them to feel like they’re not alone. But after my career started happening and things kind of started taking off, I still felt like an outsider - I still do feel like an outsider. I would read things and hear things of people criticizing me and it was just because I was acting like myself. And it’s really hard to have confidence in yourself and love yourself, when the world criticizes you for being yourself. And obviously there are so many other people who’ve had it so much harder than me. I’ve met many members of the LGBT community, and some very very close friends, who have come close to taking their own lives because of the abuse they’ve had to deal with… And that is heartbreaking, I don’t wanna live in a world where we treat each other like that… That’s why my message had always been about being yourself and we really have to love each other and support each other… Believe me when I sing these words, I’m talking to everyone else, I’m talking to myself, as much as I’m talking to everyone else… I’m encouraged by the progress we’ve made. I’ve said through years, I’m not getting married until any two people in this country can get married. So thank fucking God we’ve finally crossed that bridge, took long enough. I remember that morning I woke up and I was jumping on the bed like a maniac, like it was Christmas morning, and like screaming. The people from the hotel were called, they thought I was partying - Which I kinda was. But it was like a very big moment. I’m very happy about this progress and I’m proud that it’s our generation that’s stood up against adversity, and we’re telling people in power that any kind of discrimination or institutional unfairness is unacceptable. We won’t accept it. It’s about equality everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re male, female, transgender, gay, bisexual, straight or whatever. You should be given the same opportunities and rights as any other human being. We are all equal, that is the principle this country was founded on - and yet we’re still not living up to that. Even today we have presidential candidates who oppose marriage equality, and that’s why it’s up to us to continue to push progress forward. It’s not just OK to hang your head and accept something you know isn’t right. We all have to fight for what is right, even if it’s hard and the cards are stacked against us, that is the only way that progress happens and we all know we still have a lot more work to do… We will not accept sexist double standards anymore. Here in Tennessee, right now, there are twenty five anti-LGBT bills active this session, that would roll back LGBT rights and hurt equality. Specifically one bill that would prevent transgender students from accessing appropriate sex segregated facilities consistent with their gender identity. I know people have been talking about that all night but that’s fucked. I’m not OK with that. In many states across America, members of the LGBT community can legally be fired, evicted or denied services because of their sexual orientation. That’s not right, that’s not OK with me and this should not be legal. My message to you today is don’t be afraid to speak up against any injustice you experience. Don’t let people scare and shame you into changing the things about yourself that make you unique. Those are the qualities that will make your life magical and special. Never deny yourself that. We can’t be afraid to fight for our own dignity. These are basic human rights. As a generation, a unified voice fighting for equality, we have the power and we can force change. You’re all beautiful just as you are and you have my love and my support until the day I die. Thank you for the award.  - Kesha Receives the HRC Visibility Award

music helps me.

1) warrior / ke$ha
2) rats get fat / b. dolan
3) ipswitch / georgi kay
4) on my own / miley cyrus
5) punchin’ bag / cage the elephant
6) the best day / atmosphere
7) shadow / bleachers
8) release your problems / chet faker
9) you make me sick / of mice & men
10) call you out / flyleaf
11) my house / pvris
12) you will see me / scroobius pip
13) i never told you what i do for a living / my chemical romance
14) gods & monsters (cover) / jessica lange
15) tears dry on their own / amy winehouse
16) renegade / paramore
17) treasure / flyleaf
18) blue ridge mountain / hurray for the riff raff
19) rhiannon / fleetwood mac
20) control / halsey
21) stand / flyleaf
22) hate to see your heart break (feat. joy williams) / paramore
23) call me in the morning / taking back sunday
24) til it happens to you / lady gaga
25) new horizons / flyleaf
26) pumpin blood / NONONO

i lowkey hope kesha finds this & i hope if she does it helps. i’ve loved kesha for quite some time. pretty much ever since i heard tik tok back in the day. so, this issue isn’t sitting well with me. i felt compelled to share my feelings on the situation with a heartfelt playlist. 💕