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Music Photographer Chris McCoy Lets the Work Speak For Itself

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“I wanted to pursue something in the music industry, and my only real talent at the time was taking photos. I was going to local concerts — just little bands that would probably never make it out of town. I made a blog, started shooting for a publication and slowly started getting better. I went from shooting local shows to pop artists — Bieber, Kesha, everything. It was mostly self-taught. I had a few friends who I looked up to who gave me some tips but nowadays you can look up anything. I moved to Miami, Florida, when I was 18. That’s where I am now. I am originally from Lexington, Kentucky. Honestly, I feel like I am getting older. But I have been taking pictures since I was in high school. I guess I have been doing it for a minute. Some people would say, ‘Yeah, he’s young.’ It’s a lot of a lifestyle to take on. Would they doubt me? I never really put my age out there. Now I do. But I think the work will always speak for itself.” —Chris McCoy (@cmvisuals) is a 20-year-old music photographer, best known for his intimate, backstage portraits of hip-hop artists.

—Instagram @music