kesha dirty

10 song tag

i dont normally do these cos i usually dont see the notification lol but i was tagged by @justasmallfluff
rules: name 10 songs youve been listening to and tag ten people

1) Baby Driver by Simon & Garfunkel
2) Champion by Fall Out Boy
3) Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran
4) Va te faire foutre by Jul
5) Praying by Kesha
6) Dirty Laundry by All Time Low
7) Rockstar by Hannah Montana
8) AVF by Stromae
9) Candy Store from Heathers the Musical
10) X Gon’ Give It To Ya by DMX

its kind of a weird mix, i know but its what ive had stuck in my head

ten people:
@littleamericanduck @mashedtatter @piesandfalcs @im-the-moon @kixa-miza @spicymemeball @timon-the-tomato @thervnbrd @miscellaneousbibliosage @padfoot-the-wise