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Bene, mi avevi quasi ingannata,
mi hai detto che non ero niente senza di te,
ma dopo tutto quello che mi hai fatto
io posso solo ringraziarti per quanto sono diventata forte.

Perché tu hai portato le fiamme e mi hai fatto vivere l’inferno,
ho dovuto imparare a lottare per me stessa
e sappiamo entrambi tutta la verità che potrei dire,
ma dirò soltanto questo: addio.
Io spero che da qualche parte tu stia pregando,
spero che la tua anima stia cambiando,
spero che troverai la tua pace,
crollando in ginocchio, pregando.

Sono fiera di quella che sono,
niente più mostri.
Ora posso respirare di nuovo.
Tu hai detto che ero finita, beh ti sbagliavi,
e il meglio deve ancora arrivare,
perché ce l’ho fatta da sola, e non ho bisogno di te,
ho trovato una forza che non sapevo di avere.
Sono stata gettata, sono stata bruciata…
E quando sarò stata annientata del tutto,
non sapranno nemmeno il tuo nome.

A volte prego per te di notte, un giorno forse vedrai la luce.
Alcuni dicono che nella vita raccogli quello che hai seminato,
ma alcune cose solo Dio può perdonarle.

-Kesha, “Praying”


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please enjoy some Thursday Healing

Friday Friday!

Lots to discuss today. Let’s do it!!!

Summer Bummer AND Groupie Love (both featuring A$AP Rocky) by Lana Del Rey - man alive, Lana! Let everybody else have a chance eh?? Two mopey tunes are available today from her upcoming album where, if we judge a book by its cover, looks like a hazy good time vibe… but instead, it’s down beat business as always.

Less Than by Nine Inch Nails - let’s rawwwwwk!!! Great to see Trent Reznor and co back in the game. This slice of gothy industrial metal will please their fans.

Woman by Kesha - now this is more like it! A do-wop feminist anthem from the ghost hunter. It’s a thousand times better than it’s predecessor mother fukkaaaaaah!

Teenage Witch by Suzi Wu - London newcomer Wu has released a garage rock infused piece of poppy pleasure. She’s defo someone to keep an eye on.

Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato - another so-so release from Demi. It’s alright, just sounds exactly like an Ariana tune.

Fetish by Selena Gomez - this track kind of stalls after her super slinky release before it, ‘Bad Liar’. Just as I was starting to believe the star was beginning to break the trend, we slip back in to familiar territory.

Ultralife by Oh Wonder - rejoice, for the awesome London duo have dropped their debut LP today. Expect a lot of dusky lounge pop.

4.44 by Jay-Z - it’s his 13th studio album dontcha know? Lots of things to say on this one, pass the Lemonade.

Slay-Z by Azealia Banks - see what she did there? Jay-Z? Yea? Anyway, the trap artist is still trying to make her mark in the business. Her music is really good, it’s a shame she lets herself down constantly with her attitude. God! I sound like her dad!!!


To bluerapunzel, her screaming deer, and her beeping hippos: May you all reach the stars and further.

Forever Dumb : Surf Curse

All those friendly people : Funeral Suits

Paracetamol : Declan McKenna

Seashore : The Regrettes 

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Look, I know that this is a “Kesha” blog and stuff, but I’m going making an exception for this absolutely amazing song. Kerli made it in while solitude for a year in the forests of Estonia for a whole year, and released it just this week. I’m not able to get the song out of my head, no matter how hard I try. So here it is for you guys to hear it beauty.