kesha appreciation


Rihanna (February 20)

Ellen Page (February 21)

Drew Barrymore (February 22)

Aziz Ansari (February 23)

Dakota Fanning (February 23)

Rashida Jones (February 25)

Jensen Ackles (March 1)

Kesha (March 1)

Emeraude Toubia (March 1)

Jenna Fischer (March 7)

Matthew Gray Gubler (March 9)

Emily Osment (March 10)

Kaya Scoledario (March 13)

Ansel Elgort (March 14)

Lauren Graham (March 16)

Queen Latifah (March 18)

Adam Levine (March 18)

Lily Collins (March 18)

I'm very proud to be a Taylor Swift fan right now. We're one step closer to getting Kesha out of her contract with the man who sexually assaulted her. Thank you Taylor.

And I don’t wan’t to make this about Taylor, I want to make it about Kesha. I appreciate what Taylor did, but we need to focus on what’s most important in this situation, and that’s freeing Kesha from the man who raped her.