kesha album

Now that Kesha’s case is over and she’s releasing new music about her journey and she’s actually making something of herself again, her album sales better go through the fucking roof. Because I swear to fucking god, if you fuckers go radio silent when her album hits, y'all might as well stop pretending to be voices for change right now. I swear to Christ, if her album fails, I’m quitting this dumpster fire of a website permanently. I won’t associate with hypocrites. She needs us now more than ever. The best way to stick it to Dr. Luke and show him she doesn’t need him is for her to be even more successful now than she ever was before. And that requires all of us. Not just vocally. BUY HER ALBUM!!! It comes out August 11. Preorder that shit. Camp outside Walmart. Do whatever you have to.


Beyoncé: *releases Lemonade unannounced. Songs that have music videos entailing historical and modern black events and what not*

Kesha: *releases a beautiful album after 5 years of silence!!! about healing and loving yourself and loving your friends and being who you are*

Taylor Swift: *releases a song about how she’s tired of people calling her out on her privilege*


kaleidoscope eyes // panic! at the disco