The Signs As Songs From Warrior

aries: Warrior
taurus: Last Goodbye
gemini: Crazy Kids
cancer: Love Into The Light
leo: Thinking Of You
virgo: All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)
libra: C'Mon
scorpio: Dirty Love
sagittarius: Die Young
capricorn: Wonderland
aquarius: Supernatural
pisces: Past Lives

These are just my opinions, it’s okay for yours to differ.

  • Kesha:*donates to charity*
  • Kesha:*supports many different causes and wants to make a change*
  • Kesha:*is a huge supporter of lgbt rights*
  • Kesha:*doesn't want to be defined by sexuality*
  • Kesha:*expresses that everyone should be themselves and to love themselves*
  • Kesha:*wants everyone to embrace their imperfections and to know that everything is gonna be okay*
  • Kesha:*is the ambassador for human society international"
  • Kesha:*supporter of woman's rights, she wants to level the playing field and show that woman can do what men can*
  • the general public:she just makes dumb music and is drunk all the time