someone: wow i can’t believe kesha’s actually good now!

me, externally: haha, yeah, her new stuff is incredible

me, internally: her stuff has ALWAYS been incredible. just because her old stuff was more party and dance music and used autotune and was marketed towards teenage girls doesn’t change the fact that her lyrics have always been clever, heartwarming, and just plain fun. even if her old music wasn’t personally your cup of tea, you can’t pretend that she hasn’t always been a talented musician with a great voice – y’all talk like she didn’t release stripped-down versions of her old music with no autotune years ago, PROVING her voice is amazing. animal, cannibal and warrior had so many bops on them, so many uplifting party songs, and from the very beginning, she has been subverting and satirizing the drunken party girl image her label built up for her. and let’s not even get into the fact that she has a genius level iq, and is an all-around great person and has always been outspoken about human rights, and is an inspiration for abuse survivors everywhere, and,

kesha literally got put through some terrible fucking abuse and violence, a lengthy public trial, rehab, and slew of people constantly tearing her career down for being a “slut” or a member of the lgbt+ community and she returned from hiatus and put out rainbow which is inspiring and raw and incredibly uplifting and talks about strength through self-acceptance of the good and bad inside of her. 

taylor swift tried to manipulate and lie to destroy not one, not two, but THREE (3) people’s careers, got caught in a lie and publicly dragged, and she returned from hiatus and put out an overproduced song with trash lyrics talking about how she can’t let go of the smallest slight against her… 

if that doesn’t tell you who’s really a good person at heart, i don’t know what does. 

So I’ve decided to remake the Elder Scrolls god pantheon with modern gods

Beyoncé - Akatosh, Dragon God of Time and Chief God of the pantheon

Beyoncé exists outside of time and being chief god goes without saying.

Lorde - Arkay, God of the Cycle of Life and Death

“Every night, I live and die.“ She said it herself.

Nicki Minaj - Dibella, God of Beauty and Sexual Desire

I mean, who embodies beauty and sexual desire quite like Nicki Minaj?

Britney Spears - Julianos, God of Wisdom

Listen. Nobody knows the highs and lows of this world like Britney does. Wisdom comes with experience.

Ariana Grande - Kynareth, God of the Air and Sky

This girl is the incarnation of being lighter than air.

Kesha - Mara, God of Love and Compassion

If you disagree then go and listen to Rainbow until you see the error of your ways.

Dua Lipa - Stendarr, God of Justice and Righteous Rule

I mean what is Dua Lipa known for if not her legendary rules

Dolly Parton - Zenithar, God of Work and Commerce

Aunt Dolly has a healthy appreciation for a 9-5 work day she knows what’s good.

Carly Rae Jepsen - Talos, Hero-God of Mankind

Because she is.

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Kesha Praying Grammy 2018 Performance | 60th Grammy Awards Performance

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