In court Kesha argued that if she were to remain in her contract, Sony and Dr Luke would likely refuse to promote her and instead let her flop. The judge dismissed it saying that “a business wouldn’t willingly make itself lose money,” but look! They cancelled her comeback single from being sent to radio (which almost NEVER happens to pop singles, nevermind one which went top 10 on iTunes with no promo!) and then they cancel her Billboard Music Awards performance, where she was going to premiere a new song. 

 This is ugly, they’re literally forcing her to flop now.


Kesha’s rapist, Dr. Luke proves once again that he’s as evil as Kesha says. What kind of monster controls and manipulates someone like this? She just wants freedom and to do what she loves most. Write music and perform! #FreeKesha

I need feminism because Taylor Swift gets hate for singing songs that she wrote about her life experiences while no one bashed Robin Thicke for singing about rape.

I need feminism because Selena Gomez can’t even go a minute without being known as Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend.

I need feminism because Kesha can’t perform at an awards show because Dr.Luke raped her and she didn’t win her trial.

I need feminism because Sam Smith gets hate for loving a man.

I need feminism because woman who have been naked, shirtless, or anything like that have gotten nothing but slut shamed while men get comments such as “HOT! I want to see more!”

I need feminism because people call me a terrorist just because I’m a Muslim. I don’t even wear a hijab. It’s because I’m not white. It’s because I’m POC.

I need feminism because my best friend got detention for wearing a tank top to school while a boy didn’t get called on for wearing a tank top as well.

I need feminism because I can’t walk the streets without being afraid that something will happen to me.

I need feminism because we need equality and fairness in the world no matter what our gender, race, religion, or sexuality is.