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U S E L E S S, it’s what he meant.


Welcome to My Life is now online. This is a short I art directed in 2015, created by Elizabeth Ito. We used 3d animation combined with photo bg’s. The animation was done by TeamTo in Paris. We took photos on location and then edited them, added elements or moved stuff around to make them work as backgrounds for the animation. Above is some of the art I made for it.

It was a great project to work on and I’m really proud of how it all turned out.

Here I am on the photo shoot with (on left) Riley Riggen - production coordinator, Elizabeth Ito - creator, writer, director and Rob Getzschman - photographer, editor.

Draw my favorite krogan for  Nexus Leadership and Personnel Appreciation Week !

Allocations (fReyder)


Tann was droning on.

And on.

And on.

Sara was grateful she wasn’t the only audience member, else the effort of paying attention might have whittled her down to bones. Kesh and Kandros were there too, and Addison had sent a representative whose name Sara didn’t quite catch. Various lower tier officials had crowded in as well, squeezing in around Tann’s desk like remora clinging to a shark.

Tann likely thought himself the shark, but most of his teeth were purely imaginary. Sara had no fear of retribution as she dozed at the back of the gathering, picking at her sleeve and fiddling with her omni-tool - but she wasn’t quite so politically secure as to leave the room entirely. The director was reciting his resource allocation rationale; something that would have been a controversial discussion several months ago, but had become almost humdrum with Meridian’s resource wealth at their disposal.

Sara’s omni-tool buzzed. It was set to silent, but one of the administrators heard the vibration. She sent Sara a withering look over her shoulder - and Sara quickly shut down her notifications.

To: Sara Ryder

From: Reyes Vidal


Has the boredom killed you yet?

Sara didn’t bother trying to hide her smile. The administrator rolled her eyes, but she turned back to give Tann’s monologue her full attention. Sara wondered how long it would take for the director to wear down her ambition.

To: Reyes Vidal

From: Sara Ryder


Not yet, but I’m pretty sure I can feel my life expectancy dropping. Quickly. Say something interesting.

To: Sara Ryder

From: Reyes Vidal


I’m always interesting, Sara. But it’s past midnight in Kadara Port. I think I’m entitled to some rest.

To: Reyes Vidal

From: Sara Ryder


Reyes Vidal, admitting to fatigue? Are you feeling all right? Should I have Keema send a medic?

To: Sara Ryder

From: Reyes Vidal


May God have mercy. I fell in love with a comedian.

Sara’s cheeks felt suddenly warm. Her smile was threatening to split her cheeks. He’d said I love you before, of course; breathlessly; passionately; adoringly - but it was the casual affirmations that made Sara’s heart ache the most sweetly.

Kandros was taking issue with one of Tann’s allocations. It sounded like the difference was about to turn into an outright argument, but Sara had no desire to step in.

To: Reyes Vidal

From: Sara Ryder


Might be a fight brewing here. Maybe I don’t need you to keep me awake.

To: Sara Ryder

From: Reyes Vidal


Should I leave you alone, then? I have plenty to occupy my attentions here.

To: Reyes Vidal

From: Sara Ryder


Like what?

To: Sara Ryder

From: Reyes Vidal


Whiskey. Music. That picture you sent me last week.

Sara’s cheeks were definitely burning - but Tann was close to shouting now, and nobody had any attention to spare the blushing Pathfinder.

To: Reyes Vidal

From: Sara Ryder


Now you’re just teasing me.

To: Sara Ryder

From: Reyes Vidal


Does that mean you want me to stop? Messaging you, that is.

To: Reyes Vidal

From: Sara Ryder


Teasing. Again.

To: Sara Ryder

From: Reyes Vidal


You caught me, Sara. Has anyone noticed that you’re blushing yet?

To: Reyes Vidal

From: Sara Ryder


Don’t make me come over there, Mr. Vidal. I’ll wipe that smirk off your pretty face.

To: Sara Ryder

From: Reyes Vidal


Now you’re teasing me, Sara. Don’t make promises you’re not going to keep.

Sara glanced up again. The leadership was still arguing. Addison’s stand-in was up in Kandros’ face, wagging her finger at almost seven feet of angry turian. Tann was trying to talk over both of them at once, waving his three-fingered hands in the air like he thought he could stop a landslide with signal flags. The underlings were whispering nervously. Hesitant half-steps saw them gathering in clusters behind their respective division heads, tapping at datapads while they checked and double-checked their figures.

But Kesh made eye contact with Sara. She disengaged from the fray with a grimace, as deadpan and disparaging as the straight man sighing at the fool. She rolled her eyes at Sara - then mouthed a silent command. Sara couldn’t read Krogan lips - she didn’t really think that they had any - but SAM was a miracle given circuits.

“She is suggesting that you leave, Pathfinder.”

Sara glanced around. Apart from Kesh, no one was watching her. Hell - they looked like they’d forgotten she existed.

She keyed up one last message as she hustled back to the Tempest.


To: Reyes Vidal

From: Sara Ryder


Save me some of that whiskey, baby. I’m on my way over.

[[Summary: I have to say some back story before I launch into the summary. When Andromeda first came out, I was somewhat upset at Jaal’s comment about how angara never discuss illness, and view it as taboo. As someone with a chronic illness, this was baffling and alienating to me- would I be taboo to them? This spiraled into a discussion about what if Ryder had a chronic illness/disability, and how that would effect her work. People were… not supportive, telling me this was unrealistic and they’d refuse to read about it, and because I’m a glutton for punishment, I spent the next few months hashing out the details for this fic. I’m so nervous to post it, but I hope you like it.In which Ryder’s secret is discovered, not only by Tann, but by Tiran Kandros, a turian who makes her feel all kinds of ways, and the roots of trouble are planted.



A call for an urgent meeting with Nexus leadership could mean only one thing- Wren Ryder’s secret has been revealed, worming its way into the light despite all her best attempts to keep it hidden.  It created a gnawing pit of worry in her stomach, one that grew as the Tempest docked with the Nexus, ramp extending in a yawning maw of darkness. Now that they had enough power, they were trying to introduce night and day cycles. Most everyone would be asleep by now. A clandestine meeting? Doubly troubling.

Before she left the safety of her ship, her little world, Vetra laid a hand on Ryder’s shoulder. “Give ‘em hell.” Swallowing past the hard lump in her throat, Wren could only nod. It would be hell one way or another, but who would be giving and who would be receiving remained to be seen.

Hardly anyone was awake at this hour. A few shadowy figures flickered just past the comfortable cone of vision, and Wren tried not to jump. They were just maintenence, people conducting late night meetings. It was nothing sinister, and yet the air hung so heavy, so tinged with expectations and with her own fears. She thought some of the shadows may have nodded at her, perhaps waved, surprised to see the Pathfinder on the Nexus so late at night, and she raised her hand hesitantly, afraid that she was greeting nothing at all.

She was on the shuttle towards administration all too soon. At least there was power enough for this, though she was the lone occupant, fingers tapping her destination, staring at her own reflection. Not entirely sure she liked what she saw, Wren took inventory- purple hair, eyes weary, a facial tattoo a monument to regrets and teenage angst. Her dad had been so pissed at her, but now it reminded her of him. It was something to hold onto.

The tram pulled up to an empty platform, the sound of her sneakers (Earth vintage, a little scuffed) the only noise. The Nexus was always strangely tinged with echoes when no one was around. Maybe the plants that were slowly growing would reduce the noise, muffling it all within a green blanket. Down a distant corridor, a fluorescent light flickered once and went out, leaving Tann’s open office door the only source of illumination besides dim emergency lights on the floor, guiding her way.

Into the lion’s den.

Behind a pristinely white desk, Tann’s secretary dozed, membranes covering her eyes to keep them moist.

“Iral,” Wren said, reluctant to wake her but wanting to catch up on the latest news. “They dragged you into this?”

With a start, Iral’s head slipped off where it had been resting on her fist, arm sweeping out in panic, knocking a cup of pens and tablet styluses to the floor. “I’m awake! Oh, hello Ryder.” Her tone brightened considerably before a frown settled on her face. She didn’t bother to hide her yawn, nodding her head as she spoke. “They’re a little angry.”

Iral had a habit of severely understating things, often describing Tann as ‘mildly perturbed’ or ‘somewhat irritable.’ Angry didn’t bode well for anyone.

“That bad?”

“Worse. Just prepare yourself, Ryder. Go full Pathfinder,” Iral got out, before another yawn took over.

Patting the salarian on the shoulder, Wren shot over her shoulder, “I owe you a drink.” Maybe ten. At least now she was somewhat more prepared to face what lay up the stairs, Tann’s little podium of importance. It all boiled down to that single possibility, a carefully held secret escaping out, winding insidious arms through everything and pulling them tight. Nothing could stay quiet forever, even with the vastness of a new galaxy to hide in. Now or never.

Though Wren had expected Tann and Addison, Kesh and Tiran Kandros were a surprise, and not a pleasant one. Kesh was someone she had counted on as a friend, someone who had her back and supported the decisions she had made thus far as Pathfinder, and to see the frown that creased the krogan’s face now was a stark reminder of every failure Wren had enacted thus far. And what of Kandros? Her feelings towards him, a complicated swirl based on butterflies in her stomach and a hesitant friendship, made it difficult to see his own disapproval.

“Ryder. How kind of you to join us.” Tann’s tones were as clipped as always, dry to the point of being scouring. Not Pathfinder, she noted, just her name. Pathfinder hadn’t been earned yet.

“I wish the circumstances were better. Alas. We’ve heard some disappointing news.” From behind his desk, where he held the only seated position, Tann folded his hands, interlacing his fingers.

Hedging her bets, she replied, “I can’t imagine what that would be,” tone as innocent as she could manage.

Making a low hum of frustration, Tann shook his head slowly. “I think that you can, Ryder. Tell me what you know about EEZO-born illness.” His fingers steepled, touching each other lightly again and again.

Bile rose, forming a hard, burning lump in Wren’s throat. Words were choked out from her. “How did you find out?” Everything out in the open, catching there, tightening her chest, blood seeming to pulse over and over again to the tune of the word ‘secret.’

Shaking his head, Tann solemnly declared, “we have our ways. Needless to say, you’re skating on thin ice. I do hope you’ll bring us some better news in future, or we may have to discuss the future of your title as Pathfinder. And if you feel that your little… health problem is interfering, we’d be happy to discuss your replacement.” With that, he turned his back to her, making it clear that their meeting was over.

Addison had nothing to say, simply shaking her head and moving out of the room. Kesh looked equally solemn, and when Wren reached out a hand to try and stop the krogan, maybe get a word in edgewise, she simply shook her head. Not now. It was only Kandros who lingered to look at her, glancing up and down her length, taking it in and appraising, weighing. What his judgement was, he didn’t say.

“Oh, and Ryder,” Tann shot over his shoulder before she could flee, thoughts scrambled, “I took the liberty of informing you crew about your condition. I thought they’d find it relevant.”

Shit. Double shit. Triple shit. There was nowhere to run. Just like the EEZO had poisoned her lungs, Wren Ryder’s secret poisoned the air.

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#13 for Gale x Vetra? :o

a kiss we had to wait for

And it’s dawned on me that I don’t think I’ve posted any pictures of Gale. Here she is! (Endgame spoilers below!)

“Want to ditch these losers?” Vetra asks, her mandibles stretching out in a grin. 

“Read my mind,” Ryder says, wagging her eyebrows as she and Vetra start to walk from the group that formed. Thanks to a live broadcast, she suddenly realizes that if anyone involved in the Initiative was curious about her relationship status, those questions are now pretty much answered.

All she wants is to get back to the Tempest and crawl into bed. Maybe she and Vetra can share a kiss or two before passing out and sleeping for a million years. Her head is pounding.


“Hold that thought,” Ryder says, her stomach churning at the sound of Scott’s voice. They’ll have a wait a minute for their victory kiss. Vetra will understand.

She walks up to the medical stretcher he’s getting strapped into. “How’s the hero of the hour feeling?” she asks.

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I was tagged by a couple of wonderful people for this meme. Thank you! 

What is your favorite scene in MEA? Drack’s scene in the medbay. That scene affected me a lot. And it cemented Drack as one of my all time favorite ME characters.

What is your favorite quest? I really loved the final quest, especially once they drop the Mako on Ilos the Nomad on Meridian. Seeing some consequences to my choices, even just cosmetic ones, was fantastic.

What is your favorite weapon? Carnifax 4 lyfe.

What is your favorite armor? I really didn’t explore armor that much. It’s a tie between the armor you start the game with and the armor that has an antena on the back.

What is your favorite power ability? INCINERATE! I, um, really like setting things on fire.

What is your favorite planet? Aya! It’s beautiful and I hope one day we can explore the volcano part of the planet, too.

What is your favorite addition to MEA that wasn’t in the original trilogy? Jump jets! I love them. They really are so much fun.  

Who is your favorite non-romanced (one you didn’t romance but could be) character? (can be NPC or squadmate) I refuse to pick just one. Drack, Kesh, and Vorn. They are all so wonderful. I love how Andromeda gave the krogan so much more depth. It gives me a little hope that once we get more races, volus will be more than merchants and hanar will be more than religious fanatics. Fingers crossed.

Favorite squad/party combo? Jaal and Drack if Ryder is a biotic. Cora and Vetra if Ryder is an engineer.

Favorite non-bipedal animal on Andromeda? Honestly, those all sort of difted together for me. I didn’t pay much attention.

What surprised you most when you first played MEA? That asari all have the same face. That turian females all have the same face. That turian males all have the same face. That salarians all have the same face. This was not a good surprise.

What is your favorite quote? I’ve got two and they’re both from Drack. The first is about parents being the starting line. The second is during his loyalty mission when he’s like ‘so a lot of things are getting destroyed today and all of them are yours!’