Today I walked to the London Eye and Parliament/Big Ben since it was a beautiful (by London standards) day outside and not too cold. I live next to the Thames River so it was only a 20 minute walk with a lot of great views to capture. 

I loved every minute of it, it seemed like I stopped on every other bench to sit down and look at everything. By the time I got to the London eye it was packed with tourists, I couldn’t blame them, the sun was out and you could actually see a blue sky. It was the perfect day for sight seeing. I got in the line to buy my ticket for the eye, and this older man (had to be in his 80’s) who was in a group tour with other older people turned around and asked if I was going up with anyone. I smiled politely and said I was going up by myself. He clapped his hands together and replied, “Cheers love you’re going with me then” and ended up paying for my ticket. It was the nicest thing in the world. We spent the duration of the time on London Eye talking about places he visited and places that I visited and introduced me to all the people in his group. It was pretty rad, they all reminded me of my grandparents, I wanted to hug every single one of them. 

It was a good day, I got a really nice walk in, a belly full of waffles, and nice moments to store in my head to accompany my pictures. I hope you all are having a good afternoon!


The River Thames, London England. 

I’m lucky enough to have been living riverside to the Thames. It’s an absolutely beautiful walk going all the way down to the London Eye and to Big Ben. If you walk further you’ll be down by the famous Tower Bridge. It takes about an hour from where i’m at to get down to the bridge walking wise. But it’s a great walk. Especially if you’re going by yourself and enjoy people watching. You can take a break and sit along the benches that look across the other side of the river which architecture wise, is gorgeous. There’s little cafe and eatery shops in between in case you get hungry or need a jolt of tea in your system. Everything you could possibly need is right there on the sidewalk going all the way down. I’ll miss this the most. Just walking along the riverside. 

I told her while pointing up, “thats pretty.” She snarled her face up at me and replied, “pretty? what on earth is pretty about power lines?” I took my camera out of my bag, adjusted myself in the middle of the street, balanced myself on my tippy toes and snapped the picture. She continued snarling her face up at me, more or less being moody that I made her bring me to my 7am doctors appointment, and taking a picture of power lines was only aggravating her more. I thumbed through the view finder, stopped at one of the thumbnails and showed her the results. She grabbed the camera from me and pressed her face closer to the screen. “How did you see that?” she asked. “How did I see what?” i said while grabbing my camera back. She said, “beauty in the most mundane.” I just smiled and tucked my camera into my messenger bag and started walking into the doctors office. As she was trailing behind me I said slyly, “I don’t see beauty in the mundane, I just give the mundane a second chance to become something else. Most of the time its not all beauty, but it sure does make a good photograph." 

My year in pictures: 2011

I moved to rural Maryland to an apple farm with my mom. I started at the comic book store in Washington, DC and started commuting into work. Which was basically a two hour train ride that started at 5am every morning. It snowed. A lot. We got over 6ft of snow on top of the mountain and it seemed like there was endless amounts of snow that didn’t leave for weeks. I kept taking pictures of my dogs; Rufio, Bo Bear, and the pups. January was just filled with winter, sitting at my desk, animals, and living the country life.

I was snowed in a lot. There was nothing else to take pictures of but.. myself.

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