littlesoldierbucky asked:

4 30 49 :D (or all of them if you're super bored)

Ooooh! Hmmm, let’s answer these questions with…Elias!

4. Can your OC keep a secret?

Elias is really good at keeping secrets, especially his own.

30. What’s your OC’s favorite drink?

Outside of whiskey? He really enjoys coffee.

49. Your OC’s most prized possession?

The flannel blanket that Rowan gave him for Christmas in 1984.

lockheedelektra asked:

choose three oc's, and tell me the biggest regret each one has.


1) Elias Kersley (The Wolf You Feed) - What he did to his family and how it affected his life.

2) Rowan Walsh (The Wolf You Feed) - That he didn’t go home sooner.

3) Casey McKinnon (The Apartment 7D series) - That she and her dad didn’t fix their relationship sooner after her mom died.