Kerry loves to watch Powerpuff Girls on Netflix.

We’ve dubbed t his her Netflix Nest. It’s made up of no less than five blankets and quilts, and a handful of pillows. We pulled her bedside table out so that she could watch without me having to worry about overheating the laptop, or accidentally crushing it when she eventually climbs out (or getting that ice cream she’s eating on it)

Driving home with Kerry



“Loki’s such a dick.”

She and husband were watching the Avengers together yesterday. He apparently was not watching what he was saying when explaining why Loki was a bad guy.

We’re still pissing ourselves.

“Mommy, you forgot something in my bedroom!!”
“Okay I’m here, what did I forget?”
Sweetest voice possible: “You forgot to give me another hug and kiss!”

Fuck, child, is someone coaching you?? You’re like the time-delayed Olsen sister.

Yesterday, Kerrigan went to WEM with her grandma, and they went to go see the sea lion show together. I guess they emailed her this picture they took I just got the forwarded message this morning.

I’m sure in the moments after this photo she was really excited and happy because she told me all about it when they got home, but this is the single most unimpressed photo I’ve ever seen of her.