The bestest friend you're ever going to get.

Russell and Jade screeched with laughter as they fell onto the table, clinging onto each other. Steve walked over to them holding a glass of beer.

‘How fucking drunk are you two?’ He asked frowning at their childishness.

'Shh!’ Russell slurred 'Nobody knows we’ve had t-too…too much!’ He said, making him and Jade giggle even more at his stuttering.

'Well we all know now!’ He said as Kerry walked over to them. 'You both just laughed louder than a fucking bomb!’

'Oh my God they’re fully gone!’ Kerry said, looking at her older brother and her best friend. 'I’m taking them home.’

'But it’s your party!’ Steve protested.

'I don’t give a shit they’re fucking out of here!’ She smiled, 'Besides I haven’t had any yet.’ She said gesturing towards Steve’s pint of beer in his hand.

'Alright then, you want a hand getting them in the car?’ Steve said putting his beer on the table as Kerry nodded. They both wrestled the drunk friends across the car park and strapped them into the car. Steve headed back to the pub as Kerry began to drive them back to Jade’s house. When Kerry got back to the house after the hardest drive ever, she rested them on the bed and left them to their pointless sentences that always had 'my best buddy’ in it. Hoping that they wouldn’t get up to any more mischief, she shut the door and went back the the party.

The bright morning sun shone through the window, waking Jade up. She was in her bed, her dark brown hair was messy and she had a throbbing headache. She was cuddled close to someone else, her hand was holding his while resting on his muscular bare chest. Jade frowned. She was single. She looked under the covers to see that she was wearing her underwear and a man’s shirt. She also saw that the man was only wearing his boxers and socks. What had happened last night? And who had it happened with? She popped her head above the covers to see who was in her bed with her but his head was turned away.

Jade blinked sleepily, too tired and sore to move. A few short minutes had passed before she woke up properly but she wasn’t the only one. As soon as she got used to the bright sunlight the topless man woke up. He looked at the hand he was holding and followed the arm to see it’s owner. They both jumped in shock, pulled their hands away and shuffled to opposite edges of the bed.

'Jade?!’ He said, confused.

'R-Russ?!’ She replied.

'W-what the f-’

'Piss off mate this is my bedroom!’ She said. They sat in an awkward silence looking at each other.

'I can’t remember anything after tipping up the punch bowl.’ Jade said, rubbing her head.

'We tipped up the punch bowl?!’ Russell asked, making Jade giggle. 'Oh, thank fuck we were drunk.’ Russell sighed.

'Are you saying you wouldn’t want to fall asleep with this sober?!’ Jade joked pointing at herself, making Russell laugh.

There was a jingle of keys in the door as it swung open. Kerry had used her spare keys to check up on Jade and Russell after last nights happenings. When she walked in she saw them both moving around in the kitchen, having a normal conversation. She stood quietly leaning on the door frame as she watched the pair of friends making breakfast. Jade leaned over Russell to get a tissue.

'Do you mind, i’m making a sandwich!’ He said jokingly and nudged her out of the way with his hip.

'But i’ve spilt the tea and I need to clean it up!’ She replied taking a tissue and waving it in his face before turning round to clean up the hot water on the kitchen top. Kerry smiled at the two of them, acting like their normal and silly selves. Until she realised just what they were wearing.

'Sobered up then?’ Kerry butted in, making them jump.

'Shitting hell Kerry, when did you walk in?’ Jade asked.

'Same time your clothes left.’ Russell and Jade looked at each other and then back at Kerry, not quite sure what to say.

'We woke up like this, we err- we were really drunk last night weren’t we?’ Russell said, blushing slightly.

'You took loads of shots together, shared a bottle of wine, dared each other to take sips of other people’s beer, drank about half the punch bowl through a straw and tipped it up, played two drinking games, took more mouthfuls of other people’s booze then had a laughing fit because of it all and fell onto a table and broke it which is when I brought you here, where clearly, you then stripped.’ Kerry smiled at the eventful night she’d just explained, making Jade and Russell smile too. 'So yeah, you were a bit pissed.’

'Sounds like the sort of stupid stuff best buddies like us do.’ Jade giggled.

'Fuck my life, if you say best buddy again I will kill you!’ Kerry smiled. Jade handed her a mug of tea and then went upstairs to get back into her own clothes. As much as she found Russell’s shirt comfortable, they were only friends so she felt she had to take it off. Russell and Kerry went to sit in the living room. They didn’t speak because they both felt awkward with Russell wearing so little clothes. He finished eating his sandwich and wrapped a blanket around himself, making Kerry smile thankfully.

'Did you have a nice party anyway?’ Russell asked.

'Yeah thanks.’ She smiled, 'Kinda couldn’t stop thinking about you pair though.’ She added.

'Why?’ Russell frowned.

'You don’t get it do you?’ Russell blinked blankly at his sister. 'She’s your best friend!, Your her Best friend too! You’ve got so much in common and get along so well, you’re so comfortable with each other it’s unbelievable! You bring out the best in each other. Can’t you see it Russ?’ Russell looked down as he slowly realised what Kerry was saying, 'You make each other happy. I never heard anything else scream true love so loudly.’

'But I don’t wanna ruin the friendship by dating her.’ Russell sighed.

'Russell, I can see how much you love each other. Trust me. She’s the bestest friend you’re ever going to get.’

'I know.’ He looked down at the floor.

'So hold on to her…Literally.’ Kerry gave him a friendly nudge as Jade walked into the room. She’d brushed her silky short dark hair and was wearing jeans and a patterned top, clutching Russell’s clothes in her right hand. Kerry and Russell looked at her then back at each other. Kerry nodded and smiled at him and Russell returned the smile as he got up and took the clothes off Jade and put them on.

'Jade,’ Russell began, holding both of her hands. 'You’re my best friend.’

'And you’re my best friend too.’ She smiled.

'But you’re better than all the other friends i’ve ever had and i-.’ Jade’s smile began to fade, unsure and slightly confused with Russell’s words. Russell took a deep breath in as he glanced at Kerry. 'I don’t want to let you go.’

'What do you mean?’ Jade frowned. Russell stuttered and sighed, unable to make sense of what he was trying to say. Kerry scrunched up her face watching him. Russell went quiet and looked deep into her sparkling blue and green eyes. Jade looked anxiously into Russell’s bright blue eyes almost growing scared of what he was going to say or do next. Russell squeezed both her hands and pulled her in, wrapping her arms around his waist as he put one muscular arm around her waist and put his left hand on her cheek, pulling her lips onto his, kissing her passionately.

Jade put her hands on Russell’s chest and pushed him away. A disappointed and sad look swept over Russell’s face. Jade sighed. Kerry bit her lip nervous to watch it all.

'I- I don’t understand.’ Jade stuttered. Russell looked at the floor and back at her, admiring her beauty before telling her,

'I love you Jade.’ He smiled slightly. Kerry’s and Jade’s jaws both dropped, neither of them thought he’d actually say it. But he did. And he meant it.

'I love you too Russ.’ Jade replied smiling. Russell smiled back at her hugging her by the waist. Jade slid her arms up to Russell’s shoulders and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her. As they stood kissing lovingly Kerry got up and walked out smiling to herself, having been a successful cupid.