Vote for the #ActualWorst Character on TV: Jeremy Jamm vs. Fitzgerald Grant
A bracket to find the most terrible person on television
By The Editors

So, Fitz is in The Atlantic’s online contest to find the #ActualWorst character on television and his bracket was posted this morning. It’s a classic “Fitz is the Devil” argument about him (sample: “Fitz is an overprivileged, murderous, man-sized infant”). I don’t know the other character he’s against now, but it looks like Fitz has a good chance of making it into the next round, so perhaps take a look and VOTE to help prevent that. FYI: Rowan is also in the same contest, but in a different bracket.

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#TGITJ #TonyGoldwynInTightJeans (perfect hastag) for today. I swear the heat index has gone up considerably seeing this. #ThoseLegs #ThoseThighs #ThatBody 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 And he’s in PURPLE! #DeathByTony

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Dear Scandal Family,
You may remember my blog. It started with fitz and ended with isgoldwin. You may also remember that I was in a car accident earlier this year. I wasn’t going to to speak out about what I went through and what I am going through now until I saw this post.

The subject of the post pictured here happened to me. In the worst way. I thought I was the only one. Thank you katrinapavela and kerrygoldwyn this gave me the courage to speak.
Faced with the knowledge that my life would no longer be the same because of the collision I always left my blog feeling worse than when I logged on to it. It wasn’t a specific blog.

Everyone supported me here when it happened. It was me. It was dark and it hurt too much.
So one night when I was overwhelmed with pain and anxiety I wiped away everything and anything that would cause me stress. I made a decision that in spite of what was happening in my body I would not anything disrupt the healing that needed to happen in my spirit.

I am writing these words now to tell you. Don’t Quit. Don’t give up. You are worth it.
I am now disabled due to my car accident in February. 
Disability does not equal inability.
I am determined to live a full life spiritually and emotionally and accept my physical limitations as a challenge to find new ways to accomplish anything I set my mind to do.
In the moments of greatest weakness,in the middle of the night where the physical pain was hard to bear I found a strength that is higher than I can comprehend. I will set Him before me,He is at my right hand and I shall not be moved.

I have my husband back. I have my family back. God has blessed me. I refuse to go back. I only hope that now I can help someone who does not feel wanted and loved to feel wanted and loved.
I lost two of my friends that I thought loved me. But I am still here. My legs are inverted and my feet and knees face each other as I try to walk.
Wheelchairs and canes and neck braces are a part of my everyday life now at 37 years young. But I am still here.

Behind every blog there is a person. And to each blog that reached out to me,prayed and sent me messages at that time when I was hurting,I want to say thank you and Much Love.
I have a message andI am ready to share it.
You are loved and you were created and made for more. It’s never too late. It is not over it is just the beginning. 
In case of an emergency put on your oxygen mask first so you can assist others. I will not waste my oxygen not when there are so many that need it. So many live on life support and never learn to breathe on their own. If I can encourage one broken heart this is worth it all.
katrinapavela thank you for sharing these thoughts.Amazing how the very blog that led me to Tumblr led me back.
torisoulphoenix sgolitz I hope you know that you were missed I you are two of the most woke and real people on these Tumblr streets.
belladamenoir blessedbeyoundmeasure15 corinnestark magicinhermadness lazyexceptwhencooking tonyssidechick and so many woke and amazing blogs in the Fam that it would take an entire day to tag. Thank you. 

Thank you for blogging and making my days brighter. Please know that as cliche as it might sound that it wasn’t you,it was truly me. 
I have learned that the real definition of being strong is knowing when to ask for help.
I have also learned that you have to learn how to help and encourage yourself.
I pray this helps one person. 

I truly hope this finds you all blessed and that you all have been doing well. The goal of this blog is to provide love and light to all who find it. (Yes I am still a Tony,Kerry and Scandal fan,somethings never change.) Beyond that I do plan to share some things I have discovered and get back to writing (a long time dream )when I am ready. 

Some of he best people I know are here and I am here letting you know that this was written by someone who is stronger and forever changed. As always to all who have taken a moment to read these words. Much Love.

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The Interview by burneymac95

Fitz giving the interview to Noah Baker abt olitz!!!!
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VLRWriter - Surrender

U guys need to read this fic if u haven’t done so already: candi4olitz loveniaimani ctron164 scandamonium uberscandalous mayson2013 maryb03 magicinhermadness greenteagoddes04 kerrygoldwyn kerrymarisas miaadamswhat sues52 aliasvaughn eaudrey35 kerrymwashington tonyssidechick tony-kerry-goldwyn sale-aholic daragoldfitz scandalousnurse musesoftheminds bytesthedust scandalbitchinheels scandalbayoubeauty scandalousbelgium mfjune1973 plzzz pass it along. Its Fitz centric bt it also has olivia getting therapy (go figure @shondarhimes)
‘Scandal’-less boycott by fans | Boston Herald

WOW. 👏👌✌👏👌✌👏👏👏

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Fanfic: Devotion, Scandal | FanFiction

I jus wanna say thanks to fanfic writer CMW2 for this one shot of post-kidnapping olivia, so I ask my tumblr friends to read it as well: daragoldfitz simplyjazzie21 goddesscru greenteagoddes04 scandamonium scandalousnurse scandalousbazinga scandalousbelgium scandalbayoubeauty scandalbitchinheels mayson2013 maryb03 magicinhermadness kerrygoldwyn kerrymarisas eaudrey35 baronessvondengler iamascandallover thepurpleclone thebatgirlposts candi4olitz corinnestark ctron164 sunsetonmain sues52 tony-kerry-goldwyn wereworldsurvivor bytesthedust loveniaimani loveremains4eva
#HappySunday #Kryptonite Update!!!

Fanfic: Kryptonite Ch 12, Scandal | FanFiction Here is your next and possibly hot chapter for this tale. Enjoy and please tag a fellow gladiator in need. @reader575la @noireetcurieuse @fitzisgoldwin @fitzdeservesbetter @candi4olitz @eaudrey35 @kerrymade @kerrywashingtonscandalolitz @trininadz @bytesthedust @bussystuff @lorenemichelle @lajoymechell @letspurpleme @kraktv @lonniiieeeee @err308 @kerrygoldwyn @leaderofthefreeworldrp @loveremains4eva @mypencries @bluemonarchs @lynalexandria @olitztini @use2bscandal1fan @newcenturywoman2 @yearning4spain @letsbeinappropriate

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