maeckmaenes-deactivated20160306  asked:

Dude, you will find these dumb people who rage over something all over the world. Even if you're right, you will not convince her. She is raging, she is thinking shes right and nothing in that mood will convince her otherwise. Go talk to her later again, but I heavily request you to ignore it. By the way, I know you since a time where I myself had DA, you are a damn good artist!

Yeah, you’re probably right. It still hurt to be called bitch and get accused of something I didn’t do :/

I couldn’t access her in any way. I tried to stay polite and reasonable but she just kept insulting me and it made me so angry that my heart started to pound and I started shaking. So I blocked her.  I don’t want to try to talk to that lady ever again.

Thank you for your kind message ;_; ♥