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“Icarus Iscariot”

I was warming up yet again for commish work and this evolved… this is from all the TWD feelz lately… this is Daryl Dixon in case anyone was wondering. @_@


How are the feelz right now?


  • The way Daryl looked at her when she was playing piano made him look completely like a little boy being nervous around the girl he likes. 
  • He looks at her like she is sunshine and everything nice and good in the world. He looks at her like she is the prettiest thing he’s ever seen in this godforsaken wasteland they’re living in.
  • Siblings don’t look at each other the way they do ok
  • He romanced the fuck out of her Dixon style with pigs feet and coke and peanut butter and candles
  • She wasn’t going fast enough so he swept her up in his arms bridal style
  • A big brother wouldn’t do that. He’d probably just annoy her by telling her to go faster or carry her on his back again
  • He returned her hand hold. Daryl Dixon didn’t just loosely hold her hand. No he gripped her hand tightly to comfort not only her but himself. He never allows himself to find comfort in other people ok
  • he dove to the ground to get her out of the trap and was instantly asking her if she was okay
  • Later tended to said wound and double checked to see if she was okay
  • She asked him what made him change his mind about there being good people still and he looked her dead in the eyes with all the love his lil redneck heart could muster.
  • “Oh”
  • She got him to admit his feelings, which again is something he never ever does. He doesn’t talk about his guilt and all of the other things he holds in. 
  • He taught her to hunt and let! her! touch! his! crossbow! He let her touch his only item of comfort and security
  • She hugged him from behind and held him while he cried
  • Daryl let himself be vulnerable in front of her
  • They burnt down to house together as a way to burn down his bad past and move on from it togETHER 
  • They flipped it off to say “fuck you to shitty pasts and hello to new beginnings”
  • Did i mention that he ran all night to try and save her and broke down on the crossroads in pure pain at losing her yes? okay


Not like this. Not like this. Not like this.
The same thing went through my head over and over.
Not like this. “FUCK,” I yelled, throwing the pregnancy test away from me, as if it was something disgusting. Daryl was going to kill me. Or even fucking worse, leave me to do this shit alone. I knew his brother Merle wasn’t going to be of any help, especially not now while the world was coming to an end. 

I heard a knock on the door and I sat straight up immediantly with fear. I couldn’t move. This wasn’t even my damn house, or theirs! We were just trying to get throught Atlanta to find somewhere safe. Fuck, fuck fucking Daryl Dixon!

“Hey, open up. What’s taking you so long?” I swallowed hard but didn’t answer. I knew he was going to leave, I knew how these kinda guys were. Fuckity fuck, we weren’t even friends, I’d known him for a while but not in any way like this. Not since recently at least.

“You okay?” I started to sniff and shook my head although he couldn’t see me.
“No,” I whimpered with fear. There were monsters out there, call them what you’d like but in my eyes they were monsters. I sure as hell didn’t want to get bitten by those fuckers any time soon.
“Open up, what’s wrong?”
“Nothing, nothing is wrong,” I said, rubbing my temples and trying to figure out what to do.
“Can I come in?” I shakily stood up and opened to door to let the man in. He took a look at me and knew immediantly there was something wrong.
“What’s up?” he asked calmly. I sat on the edge of the tub while I threw a glance at the pregnancy test, he saw it within the second and snapped his head back at me.

“You gonna answer me girl?” Now he was very serious. I already knew what his response was gonne be; “It ain’t mine! What are YOU gonna do about it. YOU have to do something.” At least that was what I expected.
“Fuck, alright,” I said softly and stood up.
“You’re gonna leave me. I know it damn well Daryl, so let me just finish what I’m going to say. I’m pregnant with your child. Before you ask, yes I’m sure it’s yours because you’re the only person I’ve been with in at least a few months. Just help me pack my bags and drop me off somewhere where I have a chance to survive,” I sighed softly, trying to remain strong. I didn’t need a man. I could do this by myself… Who was I kidding, I needed all the help I could get. But I wasn’t going to admit it.

Daryl just stared at me and I looked away, trying to stop myself from tearing up because I was so afraid of being alone out there.
“Alright. Grab your bags, we’re gonna have to find a safe spot for us to stay. You need someone who knows about these kinda things and I’ll be damned if I let you do this on your own.” I looked up at him almost in shock while he stood with his hands crossed before his chest.
“I ain’t like the other guys out there sugar. You should know that by now. So remain calm and don’t do anything to hurt our child, you hear me?” I nodded silently and just as he was about to leave the room, I started to cry. He knelt before me and wiped the tears from my eyes with his hands.
“No use crying over it, there ain’t nothing we can do. You ain’t got a tummy yet. So let’s get a move on,” he said helping me up.
“You’re not going to leave me?” I whispered softly.
“Not unless I get bit or killed,” he told me seriously. I couldn’t believe my ears, but he was as serious as what was going on throughout the world right now.
“Daryl, I…” I cried and put my arms around his neck while he held me close, letting me release all my emotions and rubbing my back. I guess I might’ve misjudged him, because he was going to take care of us after all.