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“Come Back With Me.”-(Negan)

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Characters- Rick, Michonne, Rosita, Negan and (Y/N)

Warnings- None?

Pairing- Negan x Reader

Summary- You meet the mysterious Negan for the first time, however things quickly spiral in a different direction.

I wasn’t there when my people attacked the Saviour’s outposts. I wasn’t there when the group got ambushed by the Saviours. I wasn’t there when the first exchange happened between the communities. I wasn’t there because I was caring for the children of the community. I was caring for my own girl.

But I was there when the man Rick calls ‘Negan’ appeared early for his weekly collection. And so was my child. 

Lydia grips my hand tightly and hides behind my leg. She’s incredibly shy for a 5 year old, but she can be the sweetest little girl. 

I stand off at the side, with Rick, Michonne and Rosita in front of me. My stomach churns a little with unease. I don’t want to meet this man. This cruel, inhumane man that I have grown to resent despite never meeting him.

“You’re early.” Rick states. He’s shitting himself, which means I should be running for the hills. It’s too late now though.

“I missed you.” The man replies. His voice is rough around the edges, and he doesn’t have any particular accent. His voice seems familiar, but that’s probably because I’ve met a lot of dangerous people during this apocalypse and they were all pretty much the same.

I look down at Lydia and smile at her. She’s not at all oblivious to what happened, she’s smart for a 5 year old. Her little hand grips mine tighter.

“Well, why don’t you be a little more damn hospitable and give me a grand tour?” The man who Rick is shielding mocks. His tone is dripping in sarcasm and mock. No wonder so many people speak of him so badly.

Rick steps aside, revealing the man. He’s holding a wire bat in his left hand, his leather jacket is unzipped. The hair atop his head is slicked back and there’s slight scruff on his face. His face, the face I’ve seen before. 

The grip on my daughters hand tightens as my breath comes out ragged. My eyes widen at the man before me. The man who I once knew. The father of my daughter. My husband. 

Negan stands tall with his bat slung over his shoulder, gazing over the others in the community like we’re pigs in his sty. He almost over-looks me. Almost.

His eyes land on my teary ones as he looks more than confused. I don’t know what I want to do. On one hand I want to run up to him and hug him and kiss him because after all he’s my husband whom I got separated from at the start. But on the other hand I want to take that baseball bat and smash his head in for what he did to the community. To my family,

There’s silence around us. Michonne is looking between Negan and I curiously. Rosita on the other hand has already figured out what’s going on. She looks beyond disgusted. We spoke about my husband a few years ago, and the man in front of me hasn’t changed much.

“(Y/N?)” He asks narrowing his eyes. It’s like he’s seeing a ghost, which is probably what he thinks I am. When we got separated near the start, he probably lost hope of finding me. And he also didn’t know I was expecting his child.

My lip trembles as he steps towards me. With each step he takes, the group around me becomes quieter. He stops in front of me and looks at the little girl. His little girl.  

“Looks like you’re stuck with looking after baby fucking infants again.” He attempts to joke, but his face is still full of wonder. I can’t even imagine what my face must look like right now.

I look down at my little girl, clinging to me like a koala bear. 

She looks up at the strange man in front of her with curious little eyes. “Mommy, who is this?” She asks, her voice full of innocence and vulnerability. 

Negan’s eyes snap up to mine. For a brief second, it’s like nothing has changed. It’s like a normal Saturday morning where he’d cook pancakes for me and we’d laugh all morning about how many he burned before getting it right. It’s almost like time has stopped, and it’s just us two. But, time as we know it never stops.

“Why did she call you mommy?” He asks quietly. I don’t answer him, I just look at the small angel next to me and then back at him. He seems to get the message. But before we can talk, Rick decides to interrupt us.

“Do you know her?” Rick asks tentatively as he comes to stand by my side. Negan breaks eye contact with me and glances at Rick.

“Take my men on a little tour of this place, I need to talk to these two lovely things.” He looks back at me and waits for everyone to disperse. I can see Rick about to argue, but I just shake my head at him. There’s no point.

Soon enough, it’s just the two of us. I lead him to a bench at the side of the road and we sit down. Lydia sits in the middle. 

“Is she…” Negan looks at the little black-haired girl with wonder in his eyes. 

“She is. She has your eyes if you can’t tell.” I speak softly. My emotions are so over the place that all I can do is speak calmly.

He tucks a strand of her black hair behind her ear and smiles at her. Lydia reaches out and runs her small hand through his beard, which makes both of them laugh. 

“She’s beautiful like her mom.” He smiles a little. All I want to do is hug him and kiss him because he’s my husband and the father of my child. But I’d feel like I’m betraying the community if I do.

“Just after we got separated I found out I was pregnant. Rick’s group found me and took care of me. I waited for you, I looked everywhere. For 5 years.” My voice cracks a little at the end. I sniffle and wipe a stray tear from my cheek. 

I remember the agony like it was yesterday. Looking for the man for 5 years straight, taking every opportunity to go on runs just to see if I could find him. And now we’ve been brought back together, I’m not so sure if it’s good.

“I looked too. For a damn long time too. I just thought you were… fuck.” He groans as he sets his head into his hands. I can’t deny my love for the man next to me. After all, we’ve been married for 15 years now. 

Lydia looks at me with curious eyes. “Mommy, is that daddy?” 

Negan looks at the little girl, before getting down on his knees and grasping her small hands in his calloused ones. My heart breaks a little as I see them like that.

The two of us always spoke about having kids. And now that we have one, it just feels like we shouldn’t.

“Hey baby doll, it’s daddy. Aren’t you a pretty girl like mommy.” Negan cooes, as if speaking to a baby. A chuckle escapes my lips as I see the way he looks and speaks to her. This is everything I’ve ever wanted. A family.

“What’s her name?” He asks, a twinkle in his eyes that tells me he’s absolutely in love with her already.

“Lydia.” I reply and stroke her hair. She’s a beautiful girl. 

“Come back with me.” He asks out of nowhere, still holding Lydia’s little hands.

My eyes tear up once again, but for a totally different reason. The realisation that my decision was made the minute I seen my husband just sinks in. The second I lay eyes on the man that captured my heart 20 years ago I had made up my mind. I would go to the end of the universe with him. And I would leave Alexandria with him.

I would leave the people whom I’ve considered as family for 5 years, the people who have taken care of Lydia and I, the people I love with all of my heart, just to be with the person who owns said heart.

Standing in front of the houses at the end of the street is Rick, with a knowing expression. I look around the community one last time, taking in every detail. I know I won’t be coming back.


Woo look at me posting again, sorry for the hiatus I’ve been studying for exams, first one is this coming Tuesday so wish me luck! Also thanks for all of the requests, I have started writing them so hopefully they’ll be posted soon.

What will forever piss me off is after “Coda” aired, Emily appeared on The Talking Dead and who was on with her? Robert Kirkman, who never liked her character, and some random actor I can’t even remember because that’s how unimportant they were. No one else. Not even Norman. And it was so terrible to see Emily crying and no one there to really care. Everyone else gets these beautiful send-offs when their character dies, but not her.

And now, on the show, no one ever, ever mentions her. Not even a passing blip. It’s like Beth didn’t exist at all to any of them.

Sometimes, it just makes me want to cry at the unfair treatment both Beth and Emily received on that show. They both deserved better.

Days Gone By-(Daryl Dixon)

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Characters: Tara, Rick, Jesus, Maggie, Daryl and (Y/N).

Warnings: None

Pairing: Daryl x reader

Summary: When Daryl gets taken by the Saviours, the pain is almost unbearable. But one visit to Hilltop changes everything.(based on a request)

The atmosphere around the community is strained and mostly negative, but you can’t blame anyone. Well, anyone but Negan. I wasn’t present when the group got ambushed, when Abraham and Glenn were brutally killed, or when Daryl was taken. And I’m awfully thankful for it, because I would have been out on a vendetta like Rosita and Sasha. And i damn near was.

I feel the porch swing shift next to me, but I don’t bother looking at who it is. I already know that it’s Tara. She’s been keeping me company whilst others go on scavenger hunts for the Saviours. I can’t bring myself to go. 

“We’re going to Hilltop soon, and my mission is to get your ass out of here.” She chuckles a little and takes something out of her pocket. I look at her in curiosity as she holds out a can of blueberry Rockstar. I can’t help but smile as I see it. I mentioned that it’s my favorite drink a few years back, and she remembered. 

I stand up and take the can from her. “I’m convinced.” 


“I have to go with the group, just incase.” Daryl leans against the door frame with his arms crossed over his chest. I set down the spatula and turn around to look at him. Logically, I know I should let him go, but I have a bad gut feeling. Plus I was hoping to spend tonight together.

“Are you sure?” I ask, mimicking his stance. I was planning on cooking dinner for tonight so we can finally relax a little after taking out the outposts for the Saviours, but he seems to have a different idea. 

He walks towards me with a small smile, a seemingly rare sight, but not for me. He cups my face in his calloused hands and places a small kiss on my forehead. 

I smile a little at this. “Do you know what today is?” 

A small look of recognition flashes through his eyes before a faint smile appears on his face. He nods a little. “10 years, of course I remember.”

I pull him into a hug and rest my head on his chest. “Be careful, dinner’s at 7.”


I step out of the car parked in front of the Hilltop gate and exchange a small smile with Rick. Since Daryl got taken, he’s been doing his best to negotiate with Negan. Now he’s mad, and ready for war. This is why I’m proud to call Rick our leader.

The group of us walk into Hilltop. The first person I see is Maggie, and I immediately run to hug her. I almost squeeze her to death before realizing that I might be hurting her. With a huge smile on my face I cup her face in my hands and admire her new haircut. It really suits her. “God I’m so glad you’re okay.” I choke out. 

She’s practically glowing, whether it’s because of the pregnancy or because she’s finally seeing us, I don’t know. 

I step aside and let the rest of the group hug her. My eyes wander around the community, taking in all of the people. They look happy despite having to live the way they do. Just like us.

My eyes wander to Jesus, and then the man next to him. For a split second I think I’m hallucinating. Daryl isn’t actually there. But then I blink, and nip myself, but he’s still there. 

With a choked sob I run into his arms and bury my face in his chest. I inhale his scent, which solidifies that I am actually hugging the real Daryl. After weeks of not knowing whether he’s alive or dead, it feels good to have my husband back.

His arms wrap around me so tight I have troubles breathing, but I don’t care. I hold on to him for dear life as I feel something wet on my neck.

I pull away from him reluctantly and kiss him to the point I feel my lips swelling. My heart’s beating so fast, I feel like it’s going to explode. I can’t believe that he’s alive and well, that he’s here in my arms once again.

“God I love you so much.” I laugh a little as a few tears run down my cheeks. He’s back. And from now on, I’m going to make sure it stays like that.

Moustache - Part 2

Pairing: Simon X Reader

Word Count: 1245

Warnings: Smut & fluff. Language.

Part 1

Simon’s bedroom was the closest you’d gotten to luxury since before the fall. You were used to a shabby cot, where he had a queen-sized bed. You noticed a brimming bookshelf and a record player, as well as a fully stocked bar. It wasn’t surprising that it paid to be Negan’s second in command. You shivered unwillingly at the very thought. Several beautiful oil paintings graced the walls, which your eyes raked over hungrily. You were all too happy to take a seat on the bed when the man gestured for you to do so, though he never dared to sit beside you. Instead he opted to stand and move around the room, enthusiastically illuminating you on the origins of his pilfered paintings.

           You always enjoyed drinking with Simon. He always became very talkative and his constantly evolving nature became even more apparent. You took the opportunity to try and feel him out; perhaps discover more about him. But the more you got to know him, the more he seemed to evade your attempts at pinning down his intentions, his motivations… his past. It was beyond frustrating to never know what he was thinking.

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