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Tom Ellis: Lucifer actor Tom Ellis to release a soundtrack of the songs he plays
The show Lucifer is loved among many people, myself included. The actors are amazing in their roles, the themes of the episode are thought provoking and, something noteworthy, the soundtrack is INCREDIBLE ! The soundtrack includes many different artists such as Cage The Elephant, David Bowie, The Black...


ok but i love the fact that lucifer genuinely dislikes being touched, whenever someone jokingly taps him (like ella) or pats him (like dan)  or hugs him (like trixie) he just freezes and doesnt understand or know how to react to that. it’s clearly invading his personal space and he’s often confused – there are small moments when he’ll consent to being touched or hugged, but for the most part he doesn’t grasp the concept of just being touchy-feely with anybody. even his “consented” hug with ella in his penthouse is rather awkward? he just pats her shoulder and grimaces.

and then there’s chloe. she is so gentle with him at the times he really needs it. and what i love too is that they have these small touches in every episode you really need to be paying attention. she brushes his arm, he holds onto her for a split second, and then it’s gone. even when she wrapped her arms around him in 2x12 he froze, every instinct telling him to !!!!!! but he visibly relaxes, and you can see him just leaning into her to finally trust. she’s his detective, after all!! and we’ve seen it before, when she hugged him in her apartment during breakfast and he was shook at first, but then he just relaxes into her and presses a cheek against the top of her head. the two of them, hugging intimately, in silence.

i’m here for it, i am here for this soft devil and his little miracle. because he has something so gentle and pure with her that it broke his heart to find out she’s just being manipulated. at least he thinks so. he thinks she doesnt deserve to be thrown into his world, with the last 5 episodes dealing with lucifer in “protective mode” of her. literally the producers’ words. PROTECTIVE.