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the pop version of “The Hanging Tree” makes me so uncomfortable

because it’s exactly what the Capitol would do to neutralize the power of that song- they’d set it to a dance beat and play it on the radio until the lyrics lost all meaning

It means thanks, it means admiration, it means good-bye to someone you love.

  • What I say: Mockingjay was my favourite in the trilogy
  • What I mean: mockingjay was the most important novel of the trilogy because it solely focused on illustrating the main themes throughout the trilogy including the dangers of seeking revenge, mental trauma associated with murder and death, the dangers of scientific advancements in the genetics realm, survival as a human instinct, tyrannical government systems, propaganda as the strongest weapon in war, and many more and if Collins had ended the story in any other way (like trying to make it "epic", having a happy ending, not killing as many characters, having Katniss suffer less than she did) it would have rendered the entire series useless because the hunger games has existed to serve a purpose much further than entertainment, and it is not some kind of warning to us about the future, but it is evidently meant to be compared to present times today to raise awareness about the world's problems that exist at this present time and also why I think children should not be watching or reading this series is they become immune to seeing violence and are too young to understand the significance of all these events because every sentence in this novel serves a great amount of purpose to the themes and the plot and the mood, yes the mood, mockingjay was not meant to be action-packed and fun it was meant to make the reader feel like nothing in the world could make these characters truly happy and that is the effect of poverty and war and killing and this game that never ends and if these things are overlooked the novel does become "boring" if the reader is expecting romance and action which you might as well just put the book down because you won't find enough of that to satisfy your hollywood film desires and stop saying you "didn't like" mockingjay as if Collins wrote the books to make anyone happy rather than send a message and maybe you should also not mention if you did find it "boring" because that automatically tells me that you are shallow minded and completely missed the point, or got the point but just don't care, either way I'm not saying you're wrong but YOU'RE WRONG

“All Career tributes are blood-thirsty brutes.”

*Shoves Finnick Odair in your general direction*

“All Peacekeepers are awful.”

*Drops Darius on your head*

“All people from the Capitol are vain and only care about their appearance.”

*Launches Cinna at you with a catapult*

“Nobody decent ever won the games.”

*Majestically points out Annie Cresta*