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German Fairytales be like:
  • <p> <b>German Parent:</b> Let me tell you a bedtime story, sweety :)<p/><b>Tale:</b> *Guy gets eaten alive by the dogs he used to torment*<p/><b>Tale:</b> *young boy whoms fingers are getting cut off because he wouldnt stop sucking on them*<p/><b>Tale:</b> *Girl plays with fire and burns herself and her house down*<p/><b>Tale:</b> *Young boy starves to death because he's a picky eater*<p/><b>Tale:</b> *Boy gets blown away by the wind and is never heard of again*<p/><b>Tale:</b> *Boy drowns because he's dreaming too much and thus isn't aware of his surroundings*<p/><b>Tale:</b> *Children are led to their death by a flute playing maniac because their parents didn't want to pay their debts*<p/><b>German Parent:</b> Good night my little ones (:<p/></p>

Many childfree people are actually considerate of the needs of others instead of the wants of their own. I care about the future of the planet and the lives already in it. I think parents choose to forget there’s 7 billion people already on this planet, climate change is real, and humans are the causing the 6th mass extinction. It would be selfish of me to bring a child into a world that will have to contend with this and it would be selfish of me to bring a child into a world that needs less humans in it.


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