kerry: once

peace, quiet, open air [x]
some soft ballads for when you can’t fall asleep

the lion sleeps tonight (the lion king) // falling slowly (once) // lullaby (fugitive songs) // somewhere (west side story) // on the willows (godspell) // i dreamed a dance (next to normal) // solla sollew (seussical) // favorite places (ordinary days) // give way (dogfight) // with you (pippin) // no one is alone (into the woods) // over the rainbow (the wizard of oz) // maybe (annie) // bill (show boat)

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Only the Sleepless Admit.

I bite my lip as I stared up at the ceiling in the dark. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to relax my body to a point where it would put my mind to sleep. Useless if you ask me, and you can! Because I am currently awake at 3 in the morning. I sigh and reach for my phone to pull it off the charger. I squint my eyes, and adjust to the brightness of the screen and tap the green app with a symbol of a telephone. I scroll down my not so long list of names until I see ‘Kay’ and tap it. I put the phone on speaker and smile when I hear a “Hello?” from a sleepy, British accent voice. I almost start to feel sorry but remember that he does this almost constantly. ”Robbie” I say and I hear him shift in his sheets. “(y/n)? What’s up?” he asks. “I can’t seem to fall asleep. My mind is everywhere all at once” I say my accent slightly coming out. “Go on” I hear and I smile. “Well first off I miss you in Ouat.. I can’t believe they kiled you off. Second there is no second and lastly, I hate that Netflix removed Teen Wolf.” I finish and I hear Robbie laugh. “Really (y/n), get over that” I fake gasp and Robbie chuckles noticing it was fake. “I will not. Aside from Ouat, Teen Wolf is my favorite TV show.” I turn so I am laying on my side and

hear Robbie yawn and I start to feel guilt but it quickly fades away when I remember how many times he’s done this himself. “(y/n)…” I heard and I hummed. “I…” yawn, “I’m sorry if I fall asleep on you” he says and I hear him move again. “Keep talking” he says. “Oh, right.” I say and rub my left eye quickly. “I passed that exam I spent a month studying for, Taylor Murphy still hates me for winning that art drawing contest in the 3rd grade.” I hear a slight snore and him agree. “(y/n)..” Robbie’s sleepy voice calls out and I nod but mentally slap myself. “Yeah?” I ask and I can hear the sleepiness in his voice. “I like you,” I didn’t move and reply. Thinking I heard him wrong and that I finally fell asleep and am dreaming. “a lot..” I hear him snore again and smile slightly. “Robbie” I say and I hear another snore. “you talk when you sleep and I like you too, a lot.” I say before laying down on my back and close my eyes, letting the sleep wash over and take me into its arms. Dreaming of the boy who admitted his feelings asleep.
Imagine all the characters from Once Upon a Time watching their own Disney movies

Elsa and Anna watch Frozen and Elsa going “I…SING?!” Whereas Anna dances around the castle singing “Do you wanna build a snowman” because it’s just SO catchy

Hook watches Peter Pan and can’t get over how ridiculous and un-dashing his character is

Robin Hood - “Why am I a Fox?!?”

Love x2 [ part two ]

They had been walking for a while now. The “Lost Boys”. It felt like forever but that was due to the fact they were walking slow and Jared and I were tied and blindfolded. I felt one of them jab me in the stomach with the end of a stick as we came to a short stop and winced in pain but held in my scream. “Shall I get Pan?” a voice asked. But I didn’t hear the rest of the conversation only their footsteps leaving. I was then pushed and jabbed in the back this time. Indicating they wanted me to move forward.

After another five minutes of walking we finally stopped and I felt hands on my shoulders and this time they gently pushed against my shoulders “Sit down” the voice said. It didn’t sound rough or mean. It sounded hurt and tired, mostly like it was forced. I looked up even though I couldn’t see. I saw the outline of their head  and another body came into the little view I had. “You can leave now.” I smiled at the voice, It was Robbie’s voice. “Robbie! You’re okay!” I fought against the restrictions. The blindfold was ripped off and I blinked a couple of times. Robbie kneeled down and bent his head to look at me. “What’s your name love?” I scrunched my eyebrows and looked him over. He wasn’t wearing his clothes but his characters clothes. “(y/n)” I said simply. He looked behind me and gestured to Jared. “He is?” he asked and raised his eyebrows. “Henry..” I said and I felt Jared move. “What? (y/n)” I ignored him and stared at Robbie/Peter. He smirked and licked his lips. He pointed at the lost boy who had seated me. “Bring me the boy” he said. The lost boy nodded and walked away. I swallowed and Peter turned back to me. The smirk still on his face.

When the lost boy returned it felt like forever just staring into Peter’s eyes, which seemed to have no end. Peter looked at the lost boy and the lost boy moved to the side revealing Jared’s character, Henry. Peter looked at me and crocked his eyebrow. “Now. Are you going to tell me who that is?” he asked and I opened my mouth staring at the double Jared. After no reply Peter looked at the lost boy and the lost boy went behind me. I heard Jared fight back and shout about letting him go.

“Wait! wait!” But before I could say anything more, real Jared starting to glitch like he was a computer and so did Henry. I stared until real Jared had disappeared. Henry falls to the ground from the sky. I jumped and screamed as he fell. The sound of bones breaking was audible and very unpleasant. He rolled over and groaned in pain holding his lower chest. “Jared!” I called out but to no avail. I started to thrash against my resistants. “Look for the other boy.” Pan said. His voice just as confident as on TV and it still seemed to intimidate me.

I was tied up against a huge tree that I recognized right away as the tree house the Lost Boys and Pan hung out at. I tried to free one of my hands but nothing worked. I think they focus more on tying me up tight then trying to find Jared. I huffed, tired from trashing around and sore from the rope digging into my skin. I looked up when I heard footsteps. It was real Robbie. I lit up and tried to wrap my arms around him. “Shh” he said, he leaned down to face me. “Something is going on (y/n), I watched the whole thing with Jared.” He looked around before he continued “I think we’re trapped inside the show and the worst part is, if we encounter our characters we become them.” I shook my head. “Robbie, I’m not part of the show. Why would-” I was cut of by a twig snapping and Robbie bolting away. I came face-to-face with Felix and a sinister smile plastered on his scared face.

(A/N Sorry it took so long! There will be part 3.)