kerry: odonoghue

Conversation at the holiday party -

1st coworker- “you have a pirate phone cover!”

Me - “oh, I have him as my wall paper pic.”

3rd coworker “yesssss!”

Yeah. Talking about Colin, of course. Bonding time!

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|| Colin O'Donoghue is requested  at Insolitus Academy!

A supernatural school for exceptional students! 

Over 40 races to chose from! Angel or demon? Ice being or Imaginary friend? 

Insolitus Academy, a school hidden behind walls and a safe haven for supernatural creatures around the world.  Centuries long races have fought each other but at Insolitus they get the chance to step in their families footsteps or go a new road. What destiny will you chose? 

Angst & Smut encouraged. 
Active admins & events! 

We are a roleplay that encourages the learning process of becoming better at writing, so don’t be shy to join when you feel like you are not good enough yet. We are here to help!

All you need is a love for roleplaying, a basic knowledge of the English language and the motivation to become Superior

An active community!

Semi-lit, P+, 16 +, M-rated roleplay!

Since July ‘12 a family