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Oingo Boingo At Dick Clark’s American Bandstand 1983

Your name is… - A 7th Stand User Fanmix


1. Donut Hole - Gumi // 2. Kagerou Days - Hatsune Miku // 3. Rolling Girl - Hatsune Miku // 4. Life Reset Button - Gumi // 5. ECHO - Gumi // 6. Breaking Point - Kikyuune Aiko // 7. REINCARNATION - (Cover by Sumashu ft. Yoru) // 8. Nevereverland - Nano // 9. BAD END NIGHT - Hastune Miku // 10. Bonus for the shitposters

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Barn Cottage V.2 [Original by inabadromance]

Adorable cottage, originally built by inabadromance. 

Recommended Mods/CC:
*Will be updated asap*

3 bedroom
4 bathroom
Pool and outdoor play area (not pictured above)
Cost: $158,203


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     You can find this lot in the gallery under my username AlwayOlive, #AlwayOlive or #Simkea.


Felicity Townhouse

Styled after the felicity theme, this townhouse has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. There’s also a large kitchen/dining, sitting room and playroom. The upper hallways feature small sitting areas and reading nooks as well as places for children to play.

Designed as more of a holiday home, this townhouse is perfect for the wealthier family looking to unwind during the summer holidays.

The house is built for ~5 sims (master bedroom, teen/ya bedroom and childrens room with 2 beds)

3br, 3ba.
Lot size: 30x20
Price: 229,692

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You can find this lot in the gallery under my username AlwayOlive, #Simkea or #AlwayOlive.