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“A villain is a hero of the other side.”

This quote is so telling from GRRM. 

Many people have different interpretations of it, but I believe this is directly referring to Dany’s meteoric rise to power, and what will subsequently be her fall from grace. We, as the audience, have watched her struggle against oppressors and we have seen her strength and justice mocked and ridiculed. By all accounts, Dany is the underdog we should all want to win. We’ve watched her grow as a character; we’ve watched her embrace her strength as a woman and a leader; and hell, we’ve got to watch her dragons quite literally and physically grow into the badass killing machines we see now. This is what we’ve always wanted for Dany, and now, she’s finally going to sail off to Westeros to take back what is ‘rightfully’ hers. 

Yes, Dany is the hero we’ve wanted since Day 1, but is she really a hero at all for the people of Westeros? 

The Targaryens may have once ruled the Seven Kingdoms, but that was a long time ago, and those who were alive during their rein don’t necessarily have fond memories of that particular family. For everyone else, Dany is a foreigner, come to their land to conquer them and take what little left there is to give. The Targaryens may have once ruled, but they don’t anymore. It’s no longer their kingdom and Dany hasn’t lived there. She doesn’t know the first thing about Westerosi culture. What she is now is essentially a colonialist who believes she can free the people, but from what exactly? The people want peace and prosperity. They are tired of war and death. Would bringing three grown dragons and an army of Dothrakis, who are known to pillage and rape, really be bringing about peace? 

To them, Dany is the villain, an oppressor and one they won’t want, and she’s so used to being praised by the little people that if the little people and the ‘bigger’ people are both in opposition of her, what will she do? Considering past behaviour, Dany tends to go straight for inciting fear and violence rather than diplomacy. She believes in justice but only her brand of justice, and Gods forbid you disagree with her. Just ask Hizdahr zo Loraq. 

This kind of turn around will make many of Dany’s most loyal fans uncomfortable. Those who believed her to be a hero will be disappointed to find that she is in fact not a hero in this kingdom and that she is actually the colonist, the oppressor, the villain of their stories.  

If this is truly Dany’s destiny, then it is such an important message that resonates so profoundly right now in our world. Western society is given such a good vs bad narrative about war, and why they must invade this country and that country and how it’s for that country’s own good, but for those people feeling the effects of war living in those countries, who is the real villain? Who is really saving who? Everyone’s a hero in their story, but the villain in another’s. It’s all about perspective and that’s really so important for people to understand in this day and age. Perspective breeds empathy and we need more of that. 

Just a disclaimer though, I know you can’t empathise with terrorist organisations. That’s not what I meant. I’m talking more in the sense of bigots and racists, who completely criminalise an entire country of people, and believe wholeheartedly that theirs have done no wrong. 

Just food for thought anyway. 

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I will never understand people who hate Dany and think she's brutal and evil and just out to conquer and burn the world... you mean this little girl, neglected and abused her whole life, who suffered tragedy after tragedy, lost the two people she loved most in her young life (two people who also abused her) and used her magic creatures to fight slavery and injustice because she is so soft hearted she literally cannot walk away from suffering... she's my favorite literary hero, not a mad queen

Hello anon,

I’m glad you sent this ask because I’ve been meaning to address something that has been coming up of late (again), the idea that Dany will turn into a Mad Queen or become some kind of villain. 

I had mentioned in a previous ask that one should consider when coming up with a theory how the theory affects the overall story and the character arc, if the theory is about a character. Basically, ask yourself, what is the narrative purpose of your theory. How does the theory fit into the overarching narrative of the story? And can you get here without distorting the parameters of the character and the narrative. 

The theory of Dany being the Mad Queen or becoming a villain has been around for a while now. If we were to distill what is at the core of this theory I think we come up with two schools of thought. The first is, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. The thinking is that Dany with her slave revolution created a lot of instability in Essos, primarily economic, which some believe is a worst environment then the centuries of slavery that had a stable economy. 

I think we first need to address the proverb of “the road to hell" which doesn’t mean what way too many people think it means. If you  look up the definition in google you get “promises and plans must be put into action, or else they are useless.” nice and concise. Basically, had Dany promoted abolition, and incited a revolution but never actually helped in the revolution and just created chaos that never led to anything but more trouble for the slaves, then yeah, the road to hell would apply. But that’s not what Dany did, did she? She backed up her revolution and put all her resources into fighting slavery. She set her dreams of sailing to Westeros aside so that she could make sure the people of Slaver’s Bay stayed free. Now, plenty of mistakes were made along the way, however, in the end (if we go by show canon) she was able to accomplish her goal and set and keep the slaves free. It was bloody and it was painful but in the end millions of people will benefit from the revolution she started because Dany took action. 

Now let’s go back to the other school of thought, that Dany will turn into a Mad Queen because her father was the Mad King. This one I’ve always found really hard to understand. Throughout the course of the books and the show Dany is made aware of who and what her father was. This becomes a theme for her, knowing who her father was she becomes hyper-aware of her actions and scrutinizes them through that lens. She so doesn’t want to be her father (and unconsciously is righting the wrongs of her ancestors as I’ve noted before) that she measures all her action against what she believes her father would have done, and when she comes up short she feels doubts about being the good and just queen she wants to be. 

Now, I find it really hard to reconcile the Mad Queen theories with the Dany we know. She’s actively seeking to do the right thing, doesn’t always achieve it, but continues to work on it. She hasn’t given up on this, in fact the last time we saw her on the show, she was taking the sound advice of her Hand, and taking a more measured approach. Why, if we continue to see a person who is constantly self checking, do some fans believe she will change out of the blue. Dany wield an extraordinary amount of people, enough to corrupt most people and yet she continues to seek the council of others and to have people around her who aren’t afraid to tell her the truth. 

A Song of Ice and Fire is a coming of age tale and it’s part of Dany’s narrative to confront the past, what her father was, who her ancestors truly were. The Targaryens were a mixed bunch, like any other family. You had the great and you had your horrible, and knowing this drives Dany to do better. This hasn’t changed throughout the story, so why would it change now. What would be the purpose? How would that fit into her narrative? The answer is, it doesn’t fit because there is no purpose. Just a small note but I have to point out the double standard that exist in the fandom. Jon Snow is also a Targaryen but nobody claims he’s going to turn mad. 

Sorry I hijacked your ask, I had to get this off my chest. 


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Name: Zuzanna
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Hi! I’m Zuza, and I’m from Poland. Idk why I’m writting here, but i think it would be nice to have someone to talk to about anything. I love to read books, watch movies and series (Game of thrones, breaking bad, the walking dead etc.), I collect postcards (postcrossing) and I listen to music like all the time :D
I have a sense of humour, but if needed I’m completly honest, helpful and… just myself :v I used to watch a lot of anime, but now i sometimes read some manga (if i have enough money to buy one). Actually im a whore for space, stars and everything what happens in cosmos, it’s SO interesting (BUT don’t think im a nerd, it’s just what i find beautiful :p).

I speak polish, english, i studied french, but everything i know is ,,croissant’’, and now I’m studing spanish, which is awesome and i love to learn it (even if it’s hard, it’s great to speak in many languages), so if you’re from Spain, you could teach me something :v
I’m quite an introvert, i avoid ppls (i like just few) and probably i have an anxiety, but hey! I’m still a sarcasting piece of shit.

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Why did it literally take me a year to realise that Jon’s death is an indirect parallel to Ned’s? 

Both men died because of their honour and rigid moral compass. They did (or were going to do) what they believed was right, and in the end, they were rewarded with hostility and violence. 

Saving Robb

Anonymous asked: Hi meg! May I request a fic where reader is in Robbs camp and she goes to his tent one day but she finds a spy there waiting to attack Robb and they fight. She kills him but freaks out, Robb comes in and she tells him that she only killed the man in self defence. Robb comforts her and she tells him that she can’t ever lose him and he tells her she won’t and kisses? Just go whatever way you’d like with it- I don’t mind :)I’m the person who requested Robb! Yeah sure, change it up a bit if you like :)

Here is your one-shot, anon! I do not own Robb. He belongs to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: violence, angst, fluff

Pairings: Robb Stark x fem!reader

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You crossed the camp with your head held high. Tonight was the night. The night you were going to tell Robb, King in the North, that you were hopelessly in love with him. Part of you understood that telling a man in the middle of war was probably not the best time, but at the same time, you didn’t want to risk Robb or you dying before you got a chance to tell him.

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