So this week I decided to make tiny pixels of every member of achievement hunter and of most of the teams. Under the read more (I’m so sorry mobile users) I have each of the members seperately, as gifs, in their teams and gifs of the teams, and I’ll keep adding to it as teams are made/I remember them. I’m also working on Fake AH Crew and King AU versions. If you have any suggestions for me or requests I’m open for asks. 

For now have fun looking through them!

You can put them on your blog if you credit me. 

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Sooo, Drew Barrymore who announced her pregnancy in NOVEMBER, has given birth to her lovely baby daughter.

This is Drew Barrymore on March 24:

So that’s Drew Barrymore 28 days ago. If some people are so willfully ignorant as to think Kerry would have that TINY little bump at the Oscars, a month and a half before giving birth, according to the absolutely RIDICULOUS tales the gossip rags have told, they are beyond being helped.

And again, Drew Barrymore announced in NOVEMBER. NO ONE lets anything leak, especially when they are private celebs, until the third month is over. So, time for some math. Again.

Yes, repetita iuvant. Facts help, too. Which is why I don’t let one of these things go unchecked. Elementary, Watson.