Seattle-ites!! So I mentioned yesterday about doing a little meetup and a few of you said, ‘YES PLEASE’.

I’m going to be at Kerry Park near downtown Seattle tomorrow at 2pm and if you wanna come say 'hi’, I’d love to say 'hi’ back.

Before you make any journeys or plans, take these points on board-

We have our kiddiepops with us so if there is a need to go (naps/toilet issues/matldowns) that will take priority annnndddd it’s not like a convention meetup, just a very CASUAL chilled, hangout type thingy.

What I’m saying is- Don’t come with expectations of anything too much!!

I feel like you can make a choice now you have those facts hahaha.

Maybe see you tomorrow! xxxx

(ps- The kiddies will not be 'doing pictures’ <– how formal of them! Heh heh)