“Mary and Eddie created a family on set for all of us, and I’ve never worked with two actors who took it upon themselves to enhance, enable, nurture, be there for and challenge a big broad young cast who were essentially welcomed into their trailers, homes, weekends constantly in Vancouver. They gave us a sort of worth that lifted our confidence and it has transpired some 10 years on, and we’re all still a family thanks largely to these two,” said Bamber.“

I thought Carol was lovely, a gift to our community, really. But 30 minutes into this other LGBTQIA+ movie and I knew that by the end of it I would have found a new one to place into my top 3.

ToY, directed by Patrick Chapman, is Truly something else. It’s a story of all too real events, which lays it self before you, honest and open.

Warning: it’s by far a feel good movie, but I’ll be damned it this doesn’t get more recognition. At least check out the trailer or spread the word.