AU: Meg is really Mary Magdalene & Jesus Christ was not supposed to rise. [½]

When Jesus exorcised the Seven Demons out of her she was given a cause to serve, and that is what she did. Christianity’s canonical texts tell us Mary Magdalene was one of the most devoted disciples and the most important female follower of Jesus Christ. She was present at his crucifixion, even staying at the cross when the male disciples had fled; at his burial and mourning at his tomb; and finally his resurrection. It was Mary Magdalene that Jesus appeared to first when he had risen, but this was no doing of his own. Mary and Jesus had shared an intimate relationship according to the apocryphal texts, and it is often thought that she was the Beloved Disciple referred to in the Gospel of John. Jesus loved Mary deeply, and she him, so when he was crucified before her very eyes Mary would not accept it. Also, the people wavered in their faith. If he really was the son of God why had he died? They doubted his divinity and Mary couldn’t bear that when she knew he spoke the truth. Her cause, the cause that had saved her, began to unravel before her eyes, so she sought out the demons that were once inside her and they led her to Lilith. A deal was made to bring Jesus Christ back to life, and it would be Mary who had to take his place in death. He woke in Mary’s arms, on the floor of the tomb. It was the act of his most beloved disciple that allowed him to believe in the hope for humanity once again. It was the act of Mary Magdalene’s that restored humanity’s faith in Jesus Christ.

His father didn’t allow him to stay on Earth long. He was killed and the natural order demanded it stay that way, but his return strengthened the people’s faith, so he was allowed to remain on Earth with Mary and his other disciples for 40 days. He promised Mary he would save her, that he wouldn’t leave her there to face the most horrific types of torture and heinous beasts. Mary was dragged to hell exactly a year from the day she brought Jesus back to life, and in hell she waited. Mary Magdalene waited for Jesus to save her, to raise her from perdition and take her into his arms in heaven like he had promised. For centuries a flicker of hope burned inside, warming the diminishing relics of her soul, yet it wasn’t enough. The yellow eyes and wicked hands of the demon wore her down, and her humanity was lost along with her faith in Christ. Lucifer presented himself as her new God,  Azazel a new father and Lilith a new queen: a new cause to serve.

But, like Christ, Lucifer failed her too. Heaven and hell. The both failed her, so what was left but the Winchester and a fallen angel?

You find a cause and you serve it. Give yourself over and it orders your life.

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AU: Meg is really Mary Magdalene, & in being able to see her true face, Castiel knows this. [2/2]

At first Castiel couldn’t see the truth, he thought she was just another abomination spewed out from hell. Though in time the demon began to intrigue him, so he began to pay her more notice and it isn’t until he really looks at her that he can see it. Beneath the hatred, the spite, and the evil, he can see it. Castiel knows what she did, in fact he knows the story well. It was quite a notorious tale in heaven at the time, God’s will defied by a human woman with the aid of demons. Yet it was her act that spread the word to millions, that pioneered Christianity and that restored humanity’s faith in God. Castiel knew that fundamentally it was her sinful act that saved the world from centuries of sin.  

The credit to this idea goes to (x)

Bela Talbot

Dean: You were what? 14? Folks died in some shady car accident. Police suspected a slash brake line, it was all too crispy to tell. Cut to little Bela - I’m sorry, Abbie - inheriting millions.
Bela: How did you even-
Dean: Doesn’t matter.
Bela: They were lovely people and I killed them, and I got rich. I can’t be bothered to give a damn. Just like I don’t care what happens to you.