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At one point in the evening Nnamdi went to approach Kerry but was stopped by one of her bodyguards. Nnamdi then said something to the bodyguard who then relayed the message to Kerry who dismissively waived her hands in Nnamdi's direction and continued with her conversation. And her so called husband walked away by himself.

Juicy insider report….. oh hey there anon….tell us more…….

From the inside it appears Kerry took pictures with everyone and was walking all over the place and he was no where in sight or at a minimum was not making the rounds with her. She also left by herself too from the event, using the front entrance for everyone to see she was leaving alone….

things that make you go hmmmm….

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So I wonder how the anti's will explain that crazy days and night blind item reveal? And hopefully ENTY will now reveal all the other many many many blind items he has had about Terry since the spring of 2012. #unfolding

meh…..I’d quit worrying about anti’s. It does not interest me in the slightest, that’s why I don’t engage in the anti talk or what happens there, everyone can think what they want….. in time either we or them will be proved right in some fashion. We, talking about them or engaging does not advance anything at all. I haven’t got time for that kind of effort ;)

The CDN reveal is just one for 4 more to come. They will come. Trust.

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So as always TG gazes at KW adoringly throughout the interview.  I like the moments around 1:06, 2:17, and 3:50 the best.


I’ve just finish watching a bunch of TV Guide Magazine Photo Shoot videos, and I must say (even though I’m disillusioned with Scandal right now) this is the best one.  The others were kinda boring.  The Scandal Cast just has an enthusiasm for their show that is contagious.