kerry was robbed

Rob Halford

Scan by the book:Heavy Metal-from Hard Rock to Extreme Metal by Kory Grow(the preface is by Kerry King)

Credits:Massimo Barbaglia

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Vita: Emmys are recognizing so many talented people, but because Shonda’s untalented ass has not been nominated or awarded, it is “embarrassing”? Bitch please! Anon: Shonda is petty and jealous. Those folks are actually great writers and she IS NOT. God, she's really petty.

Not only writers, actors and actresses, producers, etc.
Kerry was robbed though for her work in S1 and S2

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If y'all think the age gap is weird, think about this: my parents are three years older than Kerry, and I'm almost 15. Kerry could be my mom. And I have less of an age gap compared to her. Odd? Though, the birthday thing ticks me off. Personally, I don't post things on social media for my friends or boyfriend, I message them or something so that's why I don't care about the 'Kerry not posting anything for Rob's bday' as much. But I can tell Rob is tryin to look older and it is ticking me off.

Imho trying to look older is pointless like for what reason
Everything comes when it should come why does he want to grow up so fast
Why does he pretend to be a grown-up-cool-man-with-his-old-gf.


Rob Houchen and Kerry Ellis - Who Wants To Live Forever