kerry help me


big thanks to @yohood for making the bottom edit for me it’s just what i always wanted :)

happy holidays! given that it’s christmas i thought i’d make a follow forever bc i love you all and don’t say it nearly enough

shoutout to my ride or die’s my true loves yall know how i feel about feelings so lets give this a go:

rachel @jinglebellcalum: i love you my beautiful texan nugget thnx for always being there for me i appreciate the heck out of you

missy @simmerdownirwin: i miss you so much my heart could burst ur beautiufl and strong and wonderful i love you so much

jess @elfdaddyluke: listen i love you and the fact that you need just as much attention as me and you’re always willing to cuddle

iris @muketrash: i hate you but i dont hate you ya feel? thanks for always coming over to eat and suffer with us and cuddle 

ellie @irwingroupie: ur the worst but so am i which is why we’re married i guess

beth @mukearemydads: im so glad you’ve joined this disgusting trash site so i have more means to annoy you :) but ur the bestest roommate/arch nemesis ever 


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ho ho ho’s aka my fave mutuals, my gc babes, my children, my vodka aunts and weed cousins:

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santa babies aka my mutuals i love you all so very much: 


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if i’ve forgotten you im so sorry i probably forgot someone rip again i love all of you very much thanks for sticking with me :)