kerry drake


AU: Once Upon A Time

Emma Swan: Nicole Beharie

Henry Mills: Skylan Brooks

Regina Mills: Nicki Minaj

Mary Margaret: Kerry Washington

David Nolan: Michael B. Jordan

Ruby Lucas: Tamera Mowry-Housley

Mr. Gold: Anthony Mackie

Belle French: Antonia Thomas

Neal Cassidy: Chadwick Boseman

Robin Hood: Drake Graham


While not as well known as Dick Tracy or Batman, comic strip private eye Kerry Drake was also known for his grotesque foes and Spirit like fem fatales, this splash page by Alfred Andriola from Kerry Drake # 7 in 1948 showing some.

Of special note, take a look at the seven at the top (and again larger at the bottom if you click on it)…. I’ll admit I’m pushing to get this to work, but that’s close enough for a Golden-Age line-up of The Endless to work for me.

With Kid Gloves = Dream, Ecstasy = Desire, Meatball = Destiny, Vixen = Death, Frisco = Despair, Torso = Destruction and Mother Whistler = Delirium.