Uragh Stone Circle, County Kerry, Ireland

Uragh Stone Circle is a neolithic stone circle near Gleninchaquin Park. Situated near Lough Inchiquin, it consists of five megaliths. The largest stone is ten feet high and the circle is eight feet in diameter. There are two brilliant quartz stones at the south, as well as one off center within the ring.


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Eightercua Stone Row, County Kerry, Ireland

Eightercua is a four-stone alignment Megalithic tomb, located 1 mile south-south-east of Waterville. The tallest stone reaches 9 feet in height, and the alignment stretches twenty five feet in an east-west direction. Surrounding artifacts, including remains of a possible tomb and an ancient enclosure, suggest that the site had a ritual purpose at one time. Eightercua is thought to originate from around 1700 BC, and by tradition is the burial place of Scéine, wife of the leader of the Milesian invaders, Amergin mac Míled.

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