“Believe” series: Keeping Heroes iconic but positive.

Spotlight: Captain Marvel (from Marvel)!

After working on a previous piece of Carol in her new costume I found that I really liked the change. So thought I do do a quick variation of my previous poster of her.

Kerrith - Honorary member of the Carol Corps

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This Carol piece surpassed my first post of the believe series with the DC trinity with reblogs and likes in 3 days vs a month or two. Go Carol Corps!

“The Journal”

Motion Graphic Movie. 2012. Hey all!         As some of you may or may not know I recently graduated from Sheridan College for illustration.        My thesis was this motion graphic movie I wrote, storyboarded, illustrated and voiced!       I also had tremendous help from my friends Christopher Thornborrow and Pamela Schoeman. Chris did wonderful music and Pam helped with the voice work.        Check out their wonderful work here! Chris’ Website Pam’s Website    The story follows a survivor of a world ending war and his journey to save what’s left of humanity and himself. Enjoy!    Kerrith My Tumblr|My DeviantART|My Website


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"Believe" Series in the Press

Hey everyone!

     The “Believe” Series has been showcased on a few comic news sites by some lovely writers. I’ve had articles written about it by Rich Johnston, Lauren Davis and Joe T. I thank them all very much and hope they and you continue to enjoy the series and the messages!



Rich Johnston - Bleedingcool

Lauren Davis - Comics Alliance

Joe T - Game Fob