2011 Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet Wrap Up

Let’s start with the best dressed of the night

Beyonce in Lanvin, do I need to say anything else…

Although I’m not the biggest Kylie fan she definitely gets more amazing with age. She surprised us with this one! Love that she is rocking this black lace Alexander McQueen number, a little more edgy than what we’re used to seeing her in. To add to this, the perfect shoes and accessories have been chosen, it’s nothing too over the top so it won’t take the focus away from the dress. Beautiful.

It was nice to see a bit of colour on the red carpet in a year of blacks & neutral colours!

Kerri Hilson wears this dress beautifully, love the turquoise belt detail. The only thing that i’m not 100% sure are the shoes, I think a nice pair of neutral enclosed Louboutin’s would have been better.

Love him or hate him, The Biebs looks smoking in this Gold Tuxedo Jacket

Anyone that knows me knows that I would rather poke my eyes out with a pair of chopsticks, dip it in soy sauce and eat it than listen to the Black Eyed Peas. However, i’m loving this Hervé Léger by Max Azria dress that Fergie is sporting. Everything is perfect from her dark make up, her Christian Louboutin platforms to her Alexander McQueen clutch. I love that she has minimal accessories as there is no need for them becuase the dress does all the talking. So fierce!

Now I may be a little bias towards Rihanna but she rocks this Max Azaria suit like no other woman! This is sleek and simple but still makes enough of a statement. She wins our BEST DRESSED

Now for the people who didn’t get it so right. Here is my Worst Dressed of the night

Sorry Mary, I’m not feeling this AT ALL! To me it looks like she is wearing a neck brace and those sleeves do nothing for her arms

Taylor, Honey, you look beautiful, we get it, but I feel like we’ve seen you in 230934234 versions of this look. It reminds me of that episode of the Simpsons where Marge alters her Chanel suit 6 times to make it look different. It’s the same thing every time, a long sparkly dress with red lips, winged liner and soft curls. I think she needs to start taking more risks with her outfit choices and Makeup. It’s time to try something new.

Another stunningly beautiful girl but i’m not sure about this choice. Firstly, I think the shoes are all wrong for the dress. I understand that she wanted to do a red shoe to contrast the dress but don’t wear an ankle strap that is going to make your legs appear shorter, that defeats the purpose of having the big split in your dress. To me there is something not quite right about this dress, I don’t think the cut outs are positioned that well. If they were lifted to be on her waist rather than her hips and the split wasn’t so prominent it would have been stunning. She was so close yet so far. Sorry Selena, but your boyfriend looked smoking if that’s any consultation.

K dollar sign ha. What can I say, you keep finding yourself on these lists, and I know you like your style to be ‘garbage can chic’ and if anyone can pull it off it’s you but you never quite get there. If you 86ed the long tulle detail, changed your shoes and that cutout on your hips was fitted this would actually look amazing! Moreover, I can’t help but want to tape her boobs up so they don’t look so squashed and saggy. One day you’ll surprise us all.

Lastly you can’t talk about the 2011 Billboard Awards without mentioning that AMAZING performance by Beyonce. She blows us away every time! Click on the picture below to watch: