12. “Hey, I’m with you okay? Always."  49. "I swear to god if you touch me…"  CHIBS

Chibs had been released from the hospital the day before. ATF was hounding him for club information and he had set into motion a deal of some sorts to protect Fiona and Kerrianne.

God he was exhausted. His body and head still ached and all he wanted was be next to his woman.

He sat in the garage of TM, hunched over,  the blue packet of papers weighing heavily in the pocket of his cut.

He felt the presence of someone behind him. Thinking it was one of the guys, he growled, "I swear to god if you touch me…”

He just didn’t want to be bothered.


He spun around so quick he nearly fell from his seat.

“Y/N, Love.” He sounded relieved.

She looked uncertain, but smiled anyways. “Hey baby… You okay?”

Chibs put his head in his hands, sighing. “Aye…. No… Hell, I dunno!”

She rushed over, rubbing his back gently, looking over his wound.

“Your head bothering you? I brought some of your pain pills.” She dug in her purse.

Placing a hand on her wrist, he stopped her. “No, Love… Just all this shite and ATF playing their cards.”

She saw the blue packet of papers peek out from his cut, her eyes widening.

Going to the nearest table, she grabbed a chair, sliding it over to Chibs.

“Talk to me, baby. What’s going on.”

He didn’t hesitate. Telling her everything, he felt the tears burning in his eyes.

“What do I do?”

She looked around, thinking, then focused back on him.

“Well, don’t lie. It gets you no where…. Just go tell Clay. Come clean. If things go south…”

He began to cry, leaning into the softness of Y/N.

She kissed his head, hugging him. Taking his face in her hands, she wiped away the tears using her thumbs.

“Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”

Chibs took a deep breath, taking the strength from his woman that she was emitting into him.

He stood, looking down at her. “I love ye, Y/N. I dunno what I’d do without ye.”

She smiled up at him, accepting the kiss that he’d given to her.

“Mm, I love you too, baby.”

Placing his sunglasses over his eyes, he kissed her cheek and turned heading to the clubhouse.

Imagine Chibs takes a bullet for his daughter..* Requested By ANON..

Chibs takes a bullet for his daughter..
In this one your Kerrianne..

It was June, and you’d just landed and It had been a hell of a twelve hour flight from Belfast. You’d gotten accepted to the Univeristiy of San- Fransico , so your Da had the bright Idea for you to come spend the summer with him. Before moving on campus, it was half the reason you’d applied to the college, the other half was they had a fantastic Fashion design program, make clothes were your life, you loved sewing. Soon you heard, “ Kerri!”  Your face and heart grin, as you set eyes on your Da for the first time in  over a year.  You scream “DA!” as you runn across the airport and hug him fiercely. He’s got tears in his eyes as he hold you close. “ my darling girl, let me look at ye. Pretty as picture.A a Secondary Graduate too. I am so proud of your love.”  You blush and hug him tight. His familiar scent of leather and fags* mixing together  in smell that was distinctly your father.  “ I missed you so much Da”  He grins and wraps his arms around your shoulder as he grabs your bag and leads you outside, “ aye, Love I missed ye too.  Aunt Gemma has a whole dinner planned and your uncles are over the moon to have you there. You smile, family, you’d gotten to know your Uncles Opie and Bobby when they were in Belfast and you’d gotten quite close.  Juice was closer to your age but you knew your Da loved him like a near son so he was off limits.  You smiled and hopped in the car and off you went to Charming.

You’d arrived at the clubhouse and when you saw your Aunt you ran and hugged her “ Auntie Gemma!”  the fierce queens eyes hand immediately turned warm as she hugged you back “ Kerbear, good to have you home baby, Your dad’s talked of nothing else since you got accepted to fashion school. I’ve had steaks marrinateing for two days for us to have for dinner.” You smiled as you saw your other two favorite Uncles, “ Uncle BOBBY!”  Bobby had turned as he saw you and opened his arms and hugged you “ You grew, and you are a looker. Chibs brother you’ll have to fight them off with a stick”  Your da walks up and he hugs gets a beer “ Aye don’t I know it, she grew up.”  You saw the sadness in the fact he missed due to Jimmy O’ , you hugged him, “ Aye but a girl always needs her Da, Allways.” You say swiping his beer  and go ask where your other Favorite Opie was “ he’s in the garage love,”  

  You go outside after grabbing another beer.  “ Hey I’m looking for my favorite Uncle, You seen him anywhere?” Opie slides out from underneath the truck he’d been working on and grins up at you. “ Kerri, good to see you made it in okay, One of those for me?”  you nod “aye, I ‘m not my da, I canna drink two at time. Not yet anyways.” You say with a smirk. He stands an wraps you in Hug, “ Your aunt lyla says she’ll model for you anytime you need and anytime you need models let her know she’ll recruit from Cara Cara. “ you smile “ aye right you got married, congrats by the way. She nice to my favorite uncle.”  Lyla walks up “ most of the time, when he’s not an asshole. Hi I’m Lyla or aunt Lyla whatever. Chibs showed me your potfolio its great!” You blushed as she told you that.

Hours later as you hung out on the tables chatting with your Da, Tig and Opie, Shots ring out and you feel you body hit the ground from the weight of your Da and Opie knocking you to the ground with Tig dogpiling on top.  It’s over in the blink of an eye and when you all de-tangle you see your Da’s shoulder bleeding. “ Da! Your bleedin,” ripping off your over shirt to stop it. “ I’ll be fine lass, it went straight through.  Tara can patch me up fine, now be a love and go find her and a bottle of scotch this is gonna hurt.” You kiss his cheek and hug him quickly before seeking out Jax’s old lady and the scotch. 

Later as he set you up in your new room at his house and kisses you good night, “ I’m sorry your homecoming was ruined by a wee bit of shooting lass,” You roll your eyes “ Da I grew up in the shadow of the IRA, at least it was over fast and you we’re mostly okay. It could have been worse.  I love you” you say kissing his cheek “I’ll make us breakfast in the moring Da, just the way Gran does. I know you must be missing Blood pudding and scones.” He smiles at you hugging you and kissing your forehead, “ aye, But till we go shopping how about we just go by Hanna’s and then we can go pick out a car for you love.”  You grin. “ really Da my own car! Thank you.. I Love you nite!” he smiles as he shuts the door “ good night my Darling girl. I’ll see ye in the moring.. he says as he walks away.
That night as you both laid in bed the same thought was on your minds “ today was a good day, bit bloody but I have my Da/ Daughter now..”


• Fag- Irish/ UK for = Cigarette• Secondary school- High School ( they actually do primary  K-6 and then Secondary similar to 7-12)•