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In this video, from Entertainment Weekly, Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, Eva Longoria and Elizabeth Banks discuss the lack of quality representation for women in film.

Witherspoon said: “There’s just a whole spectrum of female emotion that isn’t represented in film in any way…Even the way that women relate to each other, we rarely ever see it in film. And that’s a mistake, for our daughters, for our sons..We are the storytellers of our generation. We have to stop talking, [but] doing.”

K&E in Girlfriend Magazine!

Kerri-and-Eva is the featured blog in Girlfriend Magazine’s May issue!


These Aussie girls love Harry Potter (us too!), The Vampire Diaries (hear, hear!) and gifs of Jensen Ackles (who doesn’t?!), so therefore, we love them. With their regular posts about cute celeb guys, movies, TV shows and a whole bunch of other stuff we heart, you can’t tear us away. Go. Read. Now.

Guys, we’re so bloody honoured! You’ve just got no idea. This is completely unexpected and lovely!

Running this blog has been an absolute ball and every time we can make you laugh or cry or think about something brilliant, just keep in mind that we’ve posted it because we too have had those responses. That said, it can be difficult at times to maintain a steady flow of posts and, in addition to that, try to post something for everyone. We like to mix news, gossip, TV shows and movie posts with personal blogs that hopefully (and maybe even apparently?) keep you all entertained. 

To know that the hard-work that’s gone into running this blog has been acknowledged and loved is just amazing. Amazing.

Also, when a magazine both notices and mentions the sheer number of Jensen gifs you’ve posted, it’s probably pretty safe to assume you’ve got a Jensen-Ackles-gifs addiction.. His face is just so beautiful expressive!

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Elizabeth Banks, Eva Longoria, Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon for the Entertainment Weekly’s Beyond Beautiful cover shoot ( February 2016 )
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