more texas gothic stuff
  • a large sweet tea at chicken express costs 50 cents. nothing in 2016 costs 50 cents. the sweet tea tastes mostly like syrup, but something makes you go back for refills.
  • you scroll through your social media feed. close to twenty-thousand photos of the same sunset appear in a row. nothing like a texas sunset, the caption says. how many people took the exact same photo? how?
  • there’s a pair of horses tacked up in the buc-ee’s parking lot. there are no horse trailers in sight. nobody seems to be watching them. one cocks a leg lazily. there’s a chance they may be there out of their own free will.
  • the local public highschool has thirteen football fields, but frequently releases statements saying they cannot afford new textbooks. you see them water the fields every night, even though there is a drought warning in effect.
  • austin city limits fest ended four days ago, but you can still see lights and smoke and hear bands playing in zilker park. every time you get close to seeing what’s going on, there’s just an empty park. somebody tells you you can’t go into the festival without a ticket
  • the neighborhood moms play bunco together every wednesday night and go to church meetings every friday night, but none of them ever remembers attending any of these activities. you find empty rosé bottles scattered around the dumpster every weekend
  • the girls at school all wear oversized t-shirts with running shorts and chacos. the shirts seem to be getting longer while the shorts get shorter. one day, you notice their shirts brushing their chacos and you want to feel strange, but all you feel is a strong desire to monogram your own t-shirt

Kerri Russell’s Southern foster told us that this is one dog who has never met a stranger, and after her debut at the adoption event last Saturday, we concur. Look at this sweet, submissive girl hanging out with a volunteer!

Kerri  is an approximately 2 year-old from North Carolina that weighs 34 pounds.  Kerri’s housebroken and great with everyone she meets. Her friends from down south told us “WOW, I cannot say enough good things about this girl. She is perfect! And just so agreeable that she will could be an awesome companion for anyone.” Kerri’s done horse rounds and chores in a golf cart in NC and charmed the pants off of everybody in NYC. Her four-legged foster siblings and human child friends all agree: Kerri Russell is the bee’s knees! She’s housebroken and cratetrained, great on a leash, with children and other pups.

If you are interested in adopting Kerri, please email

Photo by Hilary Benas