kerrang radio station

Three years ago today, I received the news via Kerrang! Radio station that My Chemical Romance had broken up. My entire world came crashing down right there and then. The band that’d carried me through the previous eight years of my life was gone, and all in a car journey home. I got home, and I cried. I cried a lot, to the point I was sick even. You’re probably thinking that’s overreacting, especially considering I was 12 and a half, but My Chemical Romance weren’t ever just a band. They were my band. I was 5 the first time I ever heard them, Welcome To The Black Parade on the TV. I still remember it. All the time id walk home singing The Sharpest Lives (my favourite song when I was 7), asking my friends in my new school if they knew ‘Teenagers’ and being confused when they had no idea. MCR literally carried me through my life. If I was sad, happy, angry, depressed, I’d listen to them. I still do. Three years have passed since this day, since the day that changed everything for me. Don’t get me wrong, I miss them like hell. Every single day, I miss them. I miss my band, my superheroes in skinny jeans and fake blood. Still I own this copy of Black Parade, straight from 2006. The album was released on my 6th birthday, and I received this - a single track release, with bonus track Heaven Help Us. I had the original album, but lost it years ago. But this, I’ve had for ten years now. I turn 16 the day this album turns 10. MCR, thank you. For being the band that I needed growing up, that I still need. I couldn’t be prouder of you all, of everything you accomplished. Gerard I watched you grow from a drunken drug addict into a man capable of leading the biggest band on the music scene. You four will always be my biggest inspirations, I love you with all my heart. Three years gone, never for a day forgotten. So long and goodnight