kerrang live tour 2013

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I met Black Veil Brides at Cardiff University on 3rd October 2014.

Black Veil Brides have been my favorite band for a good 4 - 5 years now. So when my parents surprised me with a V.I.P ticket i was so happy and so excited as well. I have previously seen black veil brides live on kerrang! tour 2013 and their tour later that year in the u.k in December as well but never been able to meet them. So this day would make seeing them live just a little bit better and more special.

I had to travel 3 hours in a card with my Dad to get to the show but the traffic was so bad that soon turned into almost 4 hours due to the bad weather and also the bad traffic as well. After eventually getting out the traffic, we soon arrived at the venue.

I stood their, shaking of happiness and also shaking due to the cold, damp weather but i knew it was worth the wait. I was a little early, even though we got caught in traffic and got to speak to other fans and members of the bvbarmy while you wait and i’m glad to say i’m still in contact and quite close to most of those i met that day.

Someone from the university eventually unlocked and opened the tour to the v.i.p ticket holders and we got inside. I was so shocked at how many people had v.i.p but at the same time i was surprised there wasn’t more, due to bvb having so many fans. I was near the end of the Que but i knew the wait would be worth it.

It was eventually my turn. My heart was beating so fast. I felt my chest getting tight and my voice slowly fading, as if i couldn’t speak.

I slowly walked up to CC and he stood up and hugged me. I felt like the nerves had lifted and my happiness grew. I bucked up the courage to say “thank you so much” to CC. Next to was Jake. I asked him for a hug and he kindly gave me one. We also spoke about our hair because we have a similar style to one another. Next to Jake was Jinxx. I once again asked for a hug which he kindly gave me. Next to Jinxx well there was a spare chair but next was Ashley. I asked him for a hug but instead we fist pumped and he said that i was cool. Last was Andy, my favorite, not because he’s the main person or singer but just because i feel i relate to him the most. Once again i ask for a hug,which Andy kindly gave. As me and Andy hugged i said “your my favorite” and he replied “ohh thanks, your my favorite fan” A huge grin came on my face. They all signed my tour poster and i left the room.

I ran out with a huge grin on my face, i felt like nothing could ever make me feel as happy as i feel right now. I bought some merch from the merch table, tour tee & denim jacket and enter the gig tours.

The music was blaring but i loved it. I enjoyed all of black veil brides set and i can’t wait to see em live again!