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there’s 32 ways you can die here tonight

everyone is always asking what happened with Stevo. I think I have a pretty clear answer for you. This won’ check out this won’t be nearly as long as the Avril post, because a lot of what I’m saying here is just known facts amongst the fans that I won’t bother citing.

“opener “a murder of crows” the first track written upon the front man’s release from the hospital is about how those closest to Whibley abandoned him when things got bad.”

alright, we all knew what “Murder of Crows” was about. isn’t it interesting that Steve is basically dead to Deryck? He never mentions him.  

Deryck said this about the Screaming Bloody murder tour in Kerrang magazine.

“That tour [screaming bloody murder tour] really took a toll on us.”

Deryck said this about Steve’s departure from the band in Kerrang magazine.

“I got a call from our manager saying [Steve] had posted [that he was leaving the band] on his Facebook. I was like ‘wow, that was quick.’ I was upset.”

Deryck has said before that he stayed upset with Dave [Brownsound] Baksh for leaving the band for a number of years before getting over it. the difference being that Dave left for more personal reasons more than anything else, while Steve left for personal reasons and his frustration with Deryck.

during the SBM tour, Steve had his first child, the entire band did more drinking and partying on this tour than they had ever done on any tour before. the others more for fun, Deryck because he was depressed from his divorce.


I think Steve was tired of Deryck’s drinking and wasn’t able to keep up with any of their drinking since he had kids at home. he was the only one with kids at home at the time. it was a 3 year tour, which is a long time to be away from a new forming family. he wasn’t feeling it anymore. he had no way of knowing that the next tour would be any different. he quit before they incorporated him into the music. Deryck wasn’t working on music at that point, but by the time he was, it was too late for Steve to try and rejoin. Deryck had been hurt by the two people who were supposed to be closest to him; his wife and then his best friend.

you all know I’m extremely biased, but even in this instance, I have to side with Deryck. your wife and best friend are supposed to be your support system and they both abandoned him around the same time. I understand where Steve was coming from, but just think, if he had held out a little longer, he could have still been in the band!

but wait

why did Deryck say “there’s 32 ways you can die here tonight” in ‘13 voices’ [song]

is it a coincidence? or is it a direct dig? personally, I think it must mean something. there are an infinite number of numbers he could have chosen and he chose “32″ which was Steve’s nickname. “Stevo 32.” but what does it mean? that, I don’t know. I think it was a way to solidify that Steve did hurt him. Deryck has mentioned that he likes for the people who he is writing about to know that he’s writing about them. I’m not sure if the song itself is about Steve, I don’t think any song is about one particular instance or person, Deryck said he wrote words in a string of consciousness and wasn’t completely aware of what his lyrics really meant until he listened to them after the fact (can we pause and talk about how genius this guy is?!)

But I think the message is clear, there won’t be any Steve reunions in the near future. Dave coming back was not too shocking, Deryck wrote the heartfelt piece, ‘So Long Goodbye’ about Dave and probably had Steve in mind while he wrote ‘A Murder of Crows.’ besides, Dave never hurt Deryck directly and always deeply cared about him. Maybe in 10 years, Steve will return to Sum 41. but for now, don’t count on it! appreciate Frank. he is a great drummer, I swear! He was a mutual with Tommy Lee, that’s gotta count for something!


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