We all say we love Kerry and are kerracters so if you are going to ship why can’t we ship without being totally disrespectful (again any shipping w/non mates is already an unintended slight) no shade needed to be thrown at spouses or fake pregnancy claims which I think are a little hurtful and based on the fact she looks fab preggers…Pregnant Pilates people plus she was only like 110lbs anyway so why would she look ginormous I digress. I think if KW and TG were a thing they would be a couple. Kerry would remain private about it and Tony would be tweeting away with NFTG. As much as people ship them anyway why would there be a need to cover up their relationship? Especially If TG was already divorced as some blog. Brad and Angelina went public as soon as he was divorced. Leann and Eddie with his fine self are married and their relationship started while they both were married to other people. I know some will claim that being African America Kerry would get a little (okay a lot) more backlash than her white counterparts who found love in a hopeless place but she works with THEE Judy Smith, she could spin it so everyone would be so into the fairytale romance no one would care TG was married. There wouldn’t be a need to plan a fake marriage to cover up their real relationship and then plan a fake pregnancy to confirm the fake marriage and leak photos of a real baby shower for the fake pregnancy with the fake husbands real family to prove again that the fake marriage is really real even though the real relationship is with Tony and Kerry. However since Judy Smith hasn’t stepped in and spun a better story to me its more plausible that Kerry and Tony have amazing chemistry, unquestionable love, admiration, and respect for each other, maybe some sexual tension, but have never crossed the line. I won’t lie Terry makes for great FanFiction but I think it is a little hurtful to say the marriage is fake, the poor baby is fake, or that Kerry is apart of some wild coverup that really didn’t work since Terry figured it out. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying don’t ship but I said all this to say ship responsibly because after all Terries don’t let other Terries be hurtful to Kerry. 

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Article is from TV Guide Magazine 

Scandal delivered its most shocking twist yet when in the winter finale, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) had an abortion before breaking up with boyfriend Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and moving out of the White House. Here, Washington opens up about the controversial episode and teases the hotly anticipated return of Shonda Rhimes’s drama - Shanna Malcolm

How did you feel about the finale? Our writers are so courageous and bold, and I thought that was another great example of them really honoring the truth of a character’s experience and not being afraid of how viewers might have a hard time dealing with it. Abortion is rarely depicted on TV, especially with a lead character. We did it in Season 4 with the naval officer who was raped, and then to have Olivia make the same choice was groundbreaking. I think it’s important because, as difficult a decision as that is, if we don’t allow the stores of women’s choice to be told, then the danger exists for there to be shame around these choices. How will Olivia be affected by her decision? She’s different. The journey she’s been through was challenging, and when we see her again in the [premiere], she’s a changed woman. Olivia and Fitz’s breakup seemed pretty final. Could they still have a future? I put nothing past our writers! Olivia told Mellie (Bellamy Young) she’d help her become president. Will she keep her word? I can’t answer that [Laughs]. But I think it’s interesting that these women are more similar than different. They’re both smart and powerful, and they both have such complicated relationships with Fitz. I’m really intrigued to [explore] those similarities. 

The foolery and fuckery of the Golden Globes

After tonight’s events I can say the ensemble of talent that makes up the cast and crew of Scandal is the most overlooked group of actors, writers, directors. Tonight sent me back to the travesty of Emmygate when the talented and lovely Kerry Washington was robbed.  It’s not just the fact that Kerry didn’t win but the fact that the show itself wasn’t even nominated for best tv drama let alone the brilliant Jeff Perry and Bellamy Young weren’t even given the opportunity to be snubbed for their portrayals of Cyrus Beene and Mellie Grant. And don’t let me even start with Joe Morton… episode 310 when he read Fitz for filth.
Scandal is not only a great show but a trender setter. Olivia Pope was the second most influential character for the year 2nd only to Breaking Bads Walter White which in turn makes her the most influential female character of the year. Anything on Scandal immediately sells out Crate & Barrel Camile wine glasses now known has the Olivia glasses sold out at earlier this year, as did her white Burberry trench coat “Thee coat” which was $2,600. Hell Lyn Paolo even brought back opera gloves. And this is just the set and costuming. The GG award is suppose to recognize outstanding contributions to the entertainment industry has Scandal not done that, has Shonda Rhimes NOT done that, has Kerry Washington NOT DONE THAT. She was the 9th black woman to host SNL in 39 seasons (that only 9 out of 751 shows) and because of that SNL seriously considered the lack of representation of ALL Americans and added a blk female cast member. The fact she was the first black woman to lead on a network prime time sitcom in 40 years the fact that that this freaking fact/statistic/ is s reminder of how far yet Hollywood has to go…they do know that separate but equal was overturned in 1954…anyway this sad reality that Kerry’s role reminded us of created a lot of needed discussions about casting, the cast and crew’s live tweeting is changing how shows interact with their viewers, I can personally say I have witnessed how being a “Gladiator” has provided for a shared common interest (or obsession) which have brought coworkers and other people who normally would not get along together to put aside their differences and talk Scandal eventually making friends out of adversaries and if all that’s not a freaking contribution to the entertainment industry I don’t know. Now that I got that off my chest I feel a lot better. The 140 character limit on twitter just would not suffice. One good thing I can say is Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were great, Amy Poehler finally got her well earned recognition, and the GGs were 1000x better than that morbid affair that was the Emmy’s.