fairy-butt  asked:

omg i just saw your fandom post and im scREAMIN I LOVE SGT FROG , CAN U IMAGINE A OSO/SGT FROG CROSSOVER

I HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THAT FOR A WHILE TBH?? Particularly how Giroro and Choro are super similar and how Oso and Keroro are similar too despite being reversed colour scheme wise.

and now you’ve given me an excuse to draw it so HERE I GO.

aand a little bonus…


Keroro slot machine !!

That’s unexpected in 2017 but still pretty cool

SGT. FROG (ft. Giroro and Natsumi)

(My rough translation of this song since I couldn’t find any translation of it. There were some words that made me scratch my head so feel free to correct me)

Hanko - A personal stamp signature


Alone again.
「What’s wrong, Natsumi?」
Are you gonna sleep outside?
「I’m a soldier, after all.」
Come to my room
Tonight, I’ll cook for the two of us
「That looks delicious」
A shoulder strain?
「At the nape of my neck please」
I’ll clean your ear
「lying on your lap is fine.」

There’s no way to flirt with one another
“Lovey-Dovey Dream”

I’ll go on ahead to the bath
「T-the bath!?」
You’ll enter with me, right?
「I’m off then!」
After this, I…
「D-don’t tell me..!」
I’ll wash your back
- (The sound of someone nosebleeding)

After that
Look at the night sky and go wish upon a star
That we lean shoulders with one another
Till the sunrise becomes too much
“Lovey-Dovey Dream”
Oh, please…

「Natsumi, I won’t let you sleep tonight.」
「But, I’ll miss my morning radio exercises」
「I don’t care. I’ll even use a hanko on my attendance card」
「Really? That’s so kind of you!」
「I love you, Giroro!」
「Come on, this is too much, Natsumi.」


Don’t fall too in love
「How come?」
You’ll get hurt
「I don’t mind」
I’m a soldier
A solitary soldier for life
「I’ll wait for you here so take it easy」
Even if through.. (?)
「Like I said, don’t stay too long」
I’ll fight
「Really stubborn, huh?」

But as long as you’re with me
“Lovey-Dovey Dream”

It’s gotten late in the evening
「What time is it?」
Even if morning comes
「From now on…」
Only the two of us..
My secret promise

No matter what
I don’t want to wake up in this dream
But this time I will not speak
Sweetly intense at-my-limit blues
Oh, please…

Just like this..
As time passes for something to happen
for the two who haven’t changed
Wherever you are  
Impatiently waiting together
Nothing seems to happen
There’s no end to this blues
Oh, please…

「Na-Natsumi.. What do you think of my blues?」