keroro platoony


Happy New Year, everyone~!

I drew only choose some users that I like them as awesome and also new/old friends. Nevermind that all are united by each image, are too much! for the characters have their clothes sheltered by the Winter, they are so cute, I like drawing clothes! Let’s see the list of users as well as gifts are:

  1. ask-jayde-mekeke
  2. littlemunchypu (light blue), ask-honini (pink/green)
  3. rainbow-fox-rage (yellow), pack-leader-sally (brown), askhighkeroro (green)
  4. ask-cute-kerodoro
  5. naturisticgamer (green), sgt-keroro-platoony (lilac), bluekeroro (purple)
  6. warmaudino (pink), foxeonn (yellow), muffinninjafairy (blue), ask-human-giroro (red)
  7. ask-corporal-auroro (red), ask-yuki674-the-insane-keronian (dark red)
  8. foxxhall (pink), extraordinarycircus (black), ask-nurse-hinini (yellow)