More rebornica fan art :P

This is SUPPOSED to be Foxy’s spirit (is that right? the yellow one’s foxy? I cant find the post so I’m confussled…) as a keron-jin, but the drawings all fucked-up and shit, the quality dropped tremendously, it seriously looked better on my 3ds, in 3d.


This is all i could muster drawing pff- I feel i should do more but I don’t wanna push myself ;3; but I did get to draw some of my oldies (some may know and nobody knows the others) So I’m at least okay with that. And frisk cause i can’t stop drawing frisk >:I

Bridgette, my Skyrim Mage Neara and Nana came out as my favoritse pff-

I don’t know in which way could that change our relationship. But it seems that Koyuki-dono has already decided to bond with Natsumi-dono in her own way, so it is very unlikely that we could be “something”… I think?

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Have you ever thought how your gijikas would look if they were Keronians?

I bet they’d look pretty silly! I didn’t really feel like drawing all of them, because….that’s a lot.

But I have this one of Mittens!

Being fat and everything but nice.