This took me 4-5 hours straight to complete this, and I love the result! 

This is what happens VERY LATE AT NIGHT when you are watching Vietnamese dramas, drawing Orikero (or whatever the term is), and thinking of someone’s else Orikero. 

Well the particular Orikero I was thinking about was ’s Cimomo. Cimomo is technically my DA sister GirlofHearts101’s character as Tamama’s mother (who by the way, is an adorable fluff, plus we never get to see Tamama’s parents in the series). As I drew Sea and Sesori, I remembered one thing: Tamama has romantic feelings for Keroro. Just like how Pearl has romantic feelings for Rose in Steven Universe.

 Originally, I was going to draw Tamama dressing up as Pearl and Keroro dressed up as Rose Quartz, but then I remembered the dream Pearl had of Rose and Greg. 

Here is the result. So I was originally going to put Mois’ face in place of Keroro’s near the ending, but I thought Kululu (or Kururu) would make a more humorous result. “Thank you…. For being an unsuspecting victim~” is what I’d think Kululu would say, because he’s literally a sadistic nerd.

 Keroro, Tamama, and Kululu (Kururu)- Keroro Gunso 

Cimomo belongs to my DA sister Girlofhearts101 

Pearl and Rose Quartz- Steven Universe

My new orikero, Kodede!! He’s a fungi keronian based off of the fungus, Cordyceps~ I’m also announcing my keronian adoptables coming up soon!!! They will be fungus keronians, such as Kodede, but different species of fungi~ 

(Also, in case anyone was wondering why he’s not the right colors for Cordyceps, its because i preferred the lighter colors instead of browns and reds~) 

Welp another orikero for my Next Gen XDD

This lovely frog is Intoto, a veteran counselor. She works closely with keronian veterans (and their families), in order to help them with all sorts of problems related to readjusting to civilian life after their military service. Intoto is in her early forties & is a total hippie sweetheart <33

She is not afraid to knock sense into others though… with green energy balls or a slap to the face lol - Intoto reads through keronians like no other, as it is her special knack~

Oh, she also glued & fireproofed all the furniture in her therapy room for obvious reasons…

Intoto & Art © @thescarletcrow aka moi